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Hi everyone. I am new here so hope i have put this in the right place. Please move if not.

So after 4 years peace the dwp have set in place another reassessment for me. I am in the esa support group. I returned the form on time to the people doing the assessments. Am just wondering if they are still working a back log or how long these things are taking? if anyone has ...
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Fibromyalgia and PIP Question 13 Journeys

Hi all. Thanks for reading. I helped Mrs philhj with her PIP application and she got a 5 year award of 10 points for 20 to 50 metres walking - double hip replacements so she has never recovered ability to walk distance as the FM pain knock on is too great. We will challenge this as I did a diary for her and she only walked 20 or more metres on 4 days out of ...
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Just had PIP home assessment

I asked the assessor if he was a doctor and he told me they are not allowed anymore to tell claiments this info! only that they are HP's
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Transferring from IB to esa

What happens to your money when transferring to from IB to ESA. Does your money stop?
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Why ?

I was given pip and was advised that it runs until next may, I was advised I would receive form to reapply 16 weeks before it ran out, received the form a few weeks ago, now got another assessment in a couple of weeks told them I need home visit cus I suffer with severe anxiety and they said that they can only do that with a doctors letter, yet last time they came out ...
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Absolutely Awful ESA Tribunal

Hi all

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia around 3 years ago.

I was on ESA for over 11 years until this Feb 2017 when I was found fit for work. What angers me even more is I was awarded the Support Group only 2 1/2 years ago - and the evidence provided was 90% the same.

I have gone thru the Mandatory Reconsideration but I unsuccessful at this as well.

Yesterday, the 24th July, I ...
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hi there, new to this site, so hope i,m posting in the right section! i have just been reassessed for PIP and am awaiting the dreaded brown envelope! i was going through my letters from when i first received PIP when i noticed that the reassessment date was stated as February 2018,so can anyone tell me why i have been reassessed 8 months before that date - can the DWP do this ? thank you ...
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PIP Review AR1 for

just received one of these forms all it has is harder, easier and no change then if you tick no change you go on next question anything else you have around 5 lines to say what happened then another 5 lines for how has this made things easier or harder. does anyone have any experience with this form thanks
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