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PIP Review AR1 for

just received one of these forms all it has is harder, easier and no change then if you tick no change you go on next question anything else you have around 5 lines to say what happened then another 5 lines for how has this made things easier or harder. does anyone have any experience with this form thanks
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Funded care now costs me £155 per wk

To save you reading the waffle below my question is:
Have any of you now been asked to make contributions towards your care? Did you appeal? Did appealing work? Is it worth the effort and the stress?

If I don't have PA's coming in any more I will be a burden to my family again, which I really don't want but neither do I have much choice. I don't have £600 plus spare a month ...
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PIP/change of bank

I receive PIP which is paid directly into my bank account. Last October I changed banks and had all my payments, both incoming and outgoing, automatically transferred by my new bank. However, yesterday I was looking through my PIP award letter and it said if I change banks I must inform them. I've been receiving my payment in my new account for 5 months and I'm thinking that telling them now will just complicate things. ...
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ESA Claim - two weeks now not heard anything?

Sent form off to local jobcentre as the web site suggests. That was over two weeks ago.

Is there any way to check its being looked at?
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PIP assessment tomorrow any tips?

Hi everyone, I have my PIP assessment tomorrow afternoon. I was wondering if there is anything I should know. I don't believe in going into there with an "act" or telling fibs. But am really frightened in case I am not awarded anything. I have been entitled to DLA and have been receiving it for 5 years. Do you have any positive advice for me please?
Jan. :-D ...
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Claiming ESA again - repeat claim

Wife was off work for almost a year first time. After SSP she claimed ESA and had an assessment and was turned down.

Fortunately, she managed to get redeployed in work to another position which was more appropriate. She was working there for 11 months but, unfortunately, shes been off now for about 6 months. This time its more stress related (which makes her fibro worse) and shes also got problems with her knee (waiting ...
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Pip reconsideration

Hi my Doctor is writing a letter to pip explaining in detail what was incorrect on the assessment for e.g. She's saying that I could not go on a familiar or unfamiliar journey without Someone I know with me.
Would that be enough evidence or would I need more and would I still need to write a letter too. I'm very lucky that I've got such an understanding doctor.
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ESA after 6 months on sick from work

Wife has previously been off work for a while. Had full pay then half pay and, if I rememnber correctly, claimed ESA as well. Fortunately, she got redeployed and worked ok for 11 months.

Unfortunately, struggling for last few months. 6 months full pay (yes luckily) is ending soon and it does to half pay for 6 months.

I know she gets half pay PLUS SSP. But isnt SSP only for 28 weeks? So she'll ...
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