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Fibro newbie

Hi all, apologies for what may be some dumb questions, but i have only recently been diagnosed with FM and i seem to have more questions than answers at the moment!
Q1. I seem to tick many of the 'ailments' boxes, but not all, especially when i read about the amount of pain that many of you suffer. I get a degree of aches and pains but nothing on the scale of others. I also ...
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Sore head in bed

Hi, does anyone else find that the weight of their head on the pillow makes their scalp sore, or if laying on ones side then that ear is sore. I tried different pillows and recently bought an orthopaedic pillow but that actually made it worse, not sure what else to do as I cannot sleep sitting up :roll:
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Can anyone suggest a good pillow for fibromyalgia. I have it worst in my neck and shoulders and am struggling to find decent firm pillow. At moment using sealy posturepedic pillow but its losing its shape a bit. I have tried a lot and wasted a lot of money.
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Could it be fibromyalgia?

I am writing for some advice and suggestions from people's experience of fibromyalgia as I am wondering it I have it myself.
Nearly six years ago when I have my son my hands started aching and feeling stiff. I have been tested for arthritis and was told there is some sign of inflammation but I could get that when I'm on my period (useful). Anyway this has continued for six years nearly and now ...
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Re: Alone and trapped

Hi Rich

Im sure alot of us feel the way you do. I also feel very trapped and imited to everything. Theres so much i would like to do, places to go and to visit and see family more often but the stiffness and restricted mobility alongside fatigue & anxiety prevent me and so i spend most of the time indoors.

Have you tried looking into any support groups around your area?
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Ankle and leg swellings and pain

Dear sufferers, For about 3 years now, I have suffered much ankle and leg swellings and just wonder if anyone else has the same. I have been disabled for some 30 years with Fibro and M.E. so it could be as a result of just being so disabled, but I had swelling of the hands and fingers a few years back and that turned out to be through fibromyalgia, according to the specialist I saw. ...
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hearing loss

Hello every one, I hope every one had a nice xmas and a Happy new year, I know I am late in saying this, I have not been to well, so have not been here for a while, :crazy: , just the same old stuff, never mind, I was wondering if any one else gets a really bad pain inside their ears, I don't mean an ear ...
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Choking easily on drinking

hello there fellow sufferers. I have recently had several bad choking fits, being totally unable to get my breath for sometime, but yesterday was the worst one ever, just drinking a little water. I know my throat and chest muscles are extremely weak, and have been for years, and that I also have M.E., but wondered if anyone else with severe Fibro has had this too. My husband, who is my carer, was shocked that ...
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Happy New Year

I'd like to wish all my fellow sufferers a very happy and less painful New Year. Just put Christmas decorations away so absolutely shattered now, especially as I was babysitting a six month old and a 23 month old for four hours yesterday, love doing it but I'm paying for it today. Can hardly moved my neck and shoulders today, plus I feel sick and have a migraine coming on. The fireworks last night didn't ...
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Elderly parents - making them understand

Its my wife who has fibro. With small children and work, sometimes she really struggles. We pay for extra childcare, a cleaner, family members stay over to help etc. Problem is my wife NEVER EVER moans about it.

Then theres my Dad. Hes 82. Lives alone. Is in pretty decent health for his age. BUT, any minor illness he gets he moans and moans and moans. Expects me to drop everything to deal with him. ...
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