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Selecting what makes you smile


I've been struggling lately, I've been feeling a little stressed and my fibro pain has been terrible. I've been having a pity party. Today, in an effort to cheer myself up, I selected the things that made me smile in March: ... ved-march/

What made you smile in March?

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Chills and nausea

My fibromyalgia has worsened considerably over the past few months (not helped I'm sure by the tragic death of my 28 year old son last March) . I have began having, frequently, severe chills and nausea. A whole barage of blood tests have come back clear and I believe it must be yet another symptom of the worsening fibro. My Gp says he's never heard of it as a fibro symptom, but he's hardly heard ...
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Stiff shoulders anyone else have the same

Hi Its my first post here and i was wondering if anyone else sufffers from very stiff shoulders as i suffer bad pain when lifting my arms up and also very stiff painfull neck and pain across the top of my back across the shoulder blades anyone else have the same
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Any tips for fibro-fog?!

Hello! I won't speak for anyone else, but for me fibro-fog is one of the most frustrating and humiliating things! I know exactly what I am trying to say but I cannot get the words together/ forget what I am talking about- often mid sentence. Sometimes I find that it helps to close my eyes, but most the time I just find myself apologising and looking like a right numpty! What are everyone else's experiences? ...
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full blood count and appt with GP

Hi everyone,
I had a full blood count last week and have an appointment to see a GP today. I have never been officially diagnosed as having fibro but it has been mentioned. Atm I am in a lot of pain, mainly in the lower half of my body, both muscular and skeletal and walk as if I am drunk. I have been quite clumsy lately and my mood is very low. I've been snappy ...
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Does anyone have any experience of using the above natural medication?
It looks good on paper and I'm seriously thinking of taking it.
Many thanks!
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"High Functioning" Fibromyalgia

Hi, new to the forum world! I have only had my diagnosis for around 9 months and I am having a difficult time coming to terms with it. To get the diagnosis I saw every consultant under the sun, had nerve conduction studies, MRI's, CT scans and several blood tests; all of which took over a year. During this time I have been at university and somehow have managed to get to my third year ...
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pain between spine and shoulderblade on right

Have recently been dx with fibro and need advice. My Drs have not been much help. Does anyone experience pain as above, I have had this pain in this area since Jan 1st. Saw my Dr said probable scapular burstitis and it will just go, well it has not. Had cts, ultrasounds abdo pelvis etc so it is NOT my gallbladder. Last US was Tuesday. It does feel muscular but also burns feels tender and ...
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Make up defying sweats

I haven't been on the forum much lately but thought it might help someone else suffering like I did for months. Every time I put makeup on it would run off before I left the house because I would sweat so much. I recently bought some new make up from a link on Facebook. It was not specially designed to withstand sweating and was advertised as makeup. When it arrived I discovered it is actually ...
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What Help Can I Expect From Housing?

Hi, I currently live in a 3 bed house. I am on the council bid list for a 3 bed bungalow but in 3 years only 2 have come up and I wasn't offered them. I am on swap sites but have had no luck.
Today I sent an email to my housing association to ask if they could help me in anyway. Someone is coming out to me on Monday but what help can ...
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