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Just been diagnosed...advice appreciated

Hi, have just been diagnosed with ME and fibromyalgia by Royal Liverpool hospital after struggling for last two years. The consultant was really nice and explained alot, have to go to regular clinics and a chronic pain clinic. Obviously all new and although glad now I finally have answers and I am not going mad just wondered how i can help myself. I suffer extensive pain daily, take tramadol, paracetamol and amitriptyline. Warm baths seems ...
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No idea where Injuries came from

Two nights ago, I awoke at around 3am in pain in one of my upper ribs and left knee. I checked in the morning, and sure enough there's a bruise across the knee as if I've knocked it on something. The rib pain is not in an area I'd associate with fibro either. However, I recall having similar symptoms with fractured ribs after falling before. The pain comes on a day or so after the ...
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November 2017 Fibromyalgia Magazine is out now.Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga announces she has fibromyalgia. Digital edition from only £1.99. Print version:

Sick and Tired: Surviving a Cold as a Fibro Parent by Brandi Clevinger
Acceptance By Linda Hall
Top 10 Tips for Explaining Your Pain to Others
Mind Full By Kayleigh Roberts & Christine Harris
Joints – Use them or lose them By David Jenkin –FM Exercise Specialist
Volunteers ...
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Back at work

Well, after almost 6 months off work, I started back at work this week. Phased return over 4 weeks, then back to normal full time hours - however - I've "won a watch"! I had loads of annual leave to take, so I've taken the weekend before Christmas break AND taken every Monday and Friday as annual leave. 3 day weeks until after New Year :-)

Much ...
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I've had a bad bout of tonsillitis caught off my daughter and where as she recovered in five days I cannot shrug off the total exhaustion and weakness I am feeling, it's been nine days since it started.

I am on 8 antibiotics a day, and have another three days to go. The doctor said that the infection has got into my system and as I am that much older (64) it ...
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October 2017 Fibromyalgia Magazine is out now

October 2017 #Fibromyalgia Magazine is out now. Exclusive book extract. Weather the storm with gratitude by Anita Neilson from only £1.99.Print version:
Full Contents are:
Weather the storm with gratitude by Anita Neilson
Ask the Doctor by Ginevra Liptan, MD
Setting Goals: Getting through your day! By Ethan Lowry
Mind Full By Kayleigh Roberts & Christine Harris
Flexibility and Tension Pain ...
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GPs and Medication

I've noticed a lot of folk on here saying that their doctors just push medication (especially painkillers) at them and have no interest in trying to fix what's wrong with them.

I find this interesting. Since the start of the fun and games that eventually led to a diagnosis of FM in 2012, I've seen several GPs and 3 specialists (neuro, physio, and rheumy). Not one of them has ever suggested medication to me, instead ...
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dizzy and feeling sick

I was wondering if anyone feels dizzy and sick sometimes. I have got a bad neck and shoulder at the moment. And I have felt dizzy and sick all week, could it be connected?
I think this is the start of a flare up as i'm very tired, going off my food (maybe because I feel sick) and have pain in my wrists, fingers, elbows, knees and lower back.
I don't want to go ...
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September 2017 Fibromyalgia Magazine

September 2017 Fibromyalgia Magazine is out now. Fibromyalgia Awareness Raising Month Special. Magazine from only £1.99.
A Print version is also available :
Full Contents are:
Fibromyalgia Awareness Raising Month Special - Groups, Donations, Letters, Campaigns
The Biggest Barrier of All By David Jenkin –FM Exercise Specialist
How to set up and run a Fibromyalgia Support Group By Julie Barker
Looking ...
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just been diagnosed unsure if doctor is right

I went to the doctor about a year ago because of a frozen shoulder (took about 2 years to resolve itself) and he suggested I had fibromyalgia and gave me amitryptaline. I didn't take it because I thought my frozen shoulder could be caused by anything and as it cleared up by itself I didn't give the amitryptaline a go. I had been suspecting however that I had fibromyalgia and that I had it for ...
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