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Hip pain

Hi all, on and off for around 6/7 months I have been getting pain in my hip- It has got increasingly worse recently and today I have hit my pain barrier and need some help. Pain killers seem to take the edge off if I rest, but are useless otherwise- I can't always rest with my job as a lot of time is spent standing/ walking. I take the odd 5-10 mins out to rest ...
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Does anyone else get muscle jerks?

I'm not just talking about muscle twitching, I'm talking like a whole limb moving, or the middle of the body, like an incredibly short seizure if you know what I mean? Is this a symptom of fibro or is it a sign of something else? I have seen a neurologist about this but he did a few tests and I had previously have a CT scan which came back fine so he said that there ...
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Do you have to be in constant pain to have fibro?

Hiya so I was diagnosed with both CFS and Fibro. I do experience pain most days even if only for a short period but some people say that fibro is a constant pain all the time. Does it just depend on the severity of which you have it? Luckily my pain is generally quite tolerable and mild but sometimes it can be worse, like moderate. Sometimes although thankfully not too often it can be quite ...
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Self pacing/ Routine


I wonder if anyone can help. I work 2 days per week and feel I need to have 5 days in between to recover.

Does anyone else feel they need this?

I can only take stronger medication at weekends because they make me so drowsy and I have to be up in the morning for the school run etc...

I work the 2 days together so I can then pace myself over the next ...
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Today at 9pm on BBC1 the programme ‘Doctor in the House’ will feature Fibromyalgia.
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Duloxetine/Cymbalta feedback?

I am weaning myself off of Amitriptyline (it wasn't for me) and am due to start Duloxetine on Saturday. I was actually put on to it by a long term sufferer of FM who said after years of different treatments this was one medication that REALLY helped with the pain. I suggested it to my Dr and she said why not? Does anyone want to share their experiences with this drug?

Thanks in advance - ...
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I've been aware for quite some time that my fitness and my muscle tone have deteriorated over the years since diagnosis (2012), and I finally decided to do something about it. I started running again (having been a runner, cyclist and weight trainer previous to the FM hitting me) 3 weeks ago, and have already got my distance up to 2 miles and am running at a pace of 9.25 minutes per mile. I started ...
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The June 2017 Fibromyalgia Magazine is out now

Featuring how to set up and run a Fibromyalgia Support Group. Magazine from only £1.99.
Print version:
Fibro Parenting: 10 Tips for a Cool Summer by Brandi Clevinger
Riding the bumpy road to acceptance By Sarah Phillips
Your Amazing Mind/Body Connection By Linda Hall
Mind over Matter By Emma Stark
UK Fibromyalgia’s Top Ten…“Support” By Karen Lovegrove
Coming off your ...
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Boxed off

Yes we're all happy
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Swollen Lymph nodes


Does anyone have swollen lymph.nodes with no obvious cause?
I had a scan on my neck today which identified some that were swollen but there is no obvious reason for it?
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