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A tentative... Hello

Hello to all FM sufferers. Straightaway I would like to say I’m not sure I should be here. I’m a bloke who’s never been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and doesn’t usually do forums. That said, I’ve been told by my GPs (several of them at the same practice) that all of my symptoms could lead to a diagnosis of FM, if it weren’t for their honest and forthright professional belief that FM, along with IBS, TMJ ...
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Severe hip pain with Fibro?

Hello, fellow-sufferers. Following on from another severe flare-up with Fibro, I suddenly developed terribly right hip pain, right across the lower back, and in the groin area, and right down the legs, worse with the right. I cannot lift my right foot to get socks on, or get into pyjamas, the pain is excruciating. I have been crying-out with trying to move a few steps, as pain is so severe. Has anyone else had this ...
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hello fibro-sufferers, it has been sometime since I have written. Life with pain gets no easier, but I am wondering if anyone has taken Turmeric and found it helpful. My daughter wanted me to try it, as she has found such an increase in her energy levels, but she does not have fibromyalgia, but she is a teacher and has to stand all day, and she does a great deal of walking, of necessity. Also ...
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I am Ellana, I am 31 from Essex and I am currently in the process of being diagnosed with fibromyalgia it's been a very long road for me over years and i have been to countless doctors and getting absolutely nowhere but now on the 1st May 2018 things get sorted for once and for all.
My pain has literally landed me in a bed few times in the last couple of weeks, I'm ...
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Hi I am Mel and I'm 40 years old. My GP diagnosed me with fibromyalgia in 2015 soon after my mum had passed away but looking back on it I have suffered with fibro for years before. My GP retired and my new GP referred me to the rheumatologist where she formally diagnosed me. she also says I have carpel tunnel syndrome. I have 6 children ages from 23-5 years. we live in Suffolk east ...
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Hi to you, you oh and not forgetting you.

Hi Everyone,
Newbie me, I've been living with this hellish thing that's changed every part of my normal life for 5/6 years after swine flu, viral infection and my thyroid went haywire? Also I've had 2 discs prolapses.
I'm now living with burning skin, spikes in my joints, ribs get hundreds hard unbelievable painful small5 lumps that tend to start with a itch. My now hypersensitive to msg dairy gelatine soya soy etc but worst ...
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Recently diagnosed

Hi everyone
I've recently been diagnosed by a Rheumatology consultant. He suggested that I change from my current antidepressant dosulepin to duloxetine as he says it has an element of painkiller in it. My GP has said to stop the dosulepin for 7 days and then start taking the duloxetine. I'm worried about this as I've been on dosulepin for a long time (years) so don't know how I will react to stopping it suddenly. ...
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Looking for answers

Hi my name is Karen
I'm from Daventry
I am, right now, laying in bed trying to fight off another wave of depression caused by many of which is what is causing me so much pain. I've had MRIs, conductivity tests and many appointments with my neurologist ..MS has been ruled out but the myriad of symptoms are still here. I'm on gabapentin but that makes me feel worse so I'm waiting to get ...
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Hi. After years of pain, I’ve finally been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and joint hypermobility syndrome
I’m a little overwhelmed and a little unsure what to do next.
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For the past few months I’ve had typical Fibromyalgia symptoms which I’m sure you’re all far too familiar with. I had blood tests which showed I had a vitamin D deficiency so I’m on supplements. The doctor said it can take up to 6 months to correct a vitamin D deficiency but due to my range of symptoms she “strongly suspects” I have Fibromyalgia. I have to wait until April/May to see if the ...
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