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I'm going to start by saying Hello, again! I haven't been on here for months after a pretty horrible spell :(

I was diagnosed last year with fibro and M.E. I had been off work for 6 months. I attempted a phased return to work in January but failed in spectacular fashion with a mental health crisis in March. I'm getting better slowly, but I really fell ...
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New here...what can I expect?

Hey everyone, my name is Mark I'm 44 and have recently been diagnosed with FM. About 6 months ago my body started to go downhill (only way I can describe it) and steadily got worse and worse. Speaking in the present my neck/top of shoulders almost permanently ache, my legs and arms ache and feel heavy (almost like wading through mud) and I get a host of other pains (tooth and jaw ache that moves ...
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Hello everyone

I'm just curious to weather fibromyalgia is what is going on with me I've not received a diagnosis but apon taking a few tests on cognitive skills my memory especially short term keeps flagging up as a problem also my concentration to the point I may receive a dyslexia test but will have to pay. This is not all but I have an extreme sence of tiredness especially around mid day and it's quite relentless. ...
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New diagnosis

Hi all

I've just been diagnosed with fibro and have found this site.

I don't know if there are any about but does anybody know of ant brochures I can download and give to my work place?

I find it hard to describe it and thought if I give them a leaflet it will help them understand.

Work is being great very supportive so no issues there.
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Possibly 4th generation fibromylaga suffers

Hello just joined this foram I live in Devon
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Good evening everyone,

Thank you for accepting me onto the forum. I'm a lady just about to turn 50, desk-based homeworker, with a husband and an elderly father who drives me bonkers in the nicest possible way. Hubby and Dad are very concerned about me and trying to offer me support but I have a sense hubby is finding it a little trying.

I've had a rough couple of years with various pains in different ...
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Hi Everyone


just wanted to say hello.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in November after having symptoms for a few years. I had all the tests going and nothing was found except some arthritis in my right wrist and one finger. My GP has been brilliant and he suspected fibro and sent me to see a rheumatologist who confirmed the diagnosis.

I have been attending a fibro self-management programme at the same hospital, in Bath, and ...
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Newbie needing advice please.

I'm new to the forum and undiagnosed but am struggling with my symptoms. I am 52 but feel more like 92.
Eight years ago I injured my back badly. Since then I have struggled with various different complaints and I'm hoping so much that they are all linked. I get awful headaches above my left eye very regularly. Sometimes I have the feeling that I am walking on a marble with an excruciating pain ...
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Hello everyone!

Hello my name is Naomi and I'm 26. Got diagnosed with brain stem aura migraines April 2016. Started not long after then being exhausted all the time and slowly my symptoms have worsened. I have been preliminary diagnosed as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I am going to see a rheumatologist at the end of the month so finally might get a proper diagnosis and can actually get some decent pain relief. Im finding really hard ...
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Hello everyone!

Hello everybody!

Okay, I shall try not to waffle too much although I will probably will do and I do apologise for this in advance. My problems started years ago and I did that typical thing and told myself that it was just me being lazy and I need to carry on (Gym mentality). I had to carry on working to earn money to keep family going so I had to just work but the ...
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