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Introduce yourself and find fellow sufferers in your area or who share the same interests.

Hello everyone!

Hello everybody!

Okay, I shall try not to waffle too much although I will probably will do and I do apologise for this in advance. My problems started years ago and I did that typical thing and told myself that it was just me being lazy and I need to carry on (Gym mentality). I had to carry on working to earn money to keep family going so I had to just work but the ...
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Hi there,

I'm Oliver, I've been ill for around four years now but only just got a diagnosis of fibro last Friday, before that I was told C.F.S.

In the first couple of years I managed to stay working, just reducing my hours from around 40 to about 12. But that job ended when the business closed and since then I've declined to the point where I had to stop doing even a couple of ...
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Hi (Sheffield)

Hi, I am new to all this! I was diagnosed around 9 months ago, am 27 and live in Sheffield with my other half. Anyone else in the area? :-D
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I have just joined.....Hi

Hi, I'm 62 and have had fibro for about 12 years. I attended a 3 week ' living with pain ' residential course in Bath around 10 years ago, teaching you how to pace yourself and use mindfulness to help day to day. I suppose I have got used to always having pain somewhere in my body but now I am older I find my symptoms are getting worse (or I am less tolerant). I ...
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Is it or isn't it?

Ok, introductions and a little background . . .

I'm a 45 yr old female with type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, a history of depression/stress and a minor heart problem (left ventricular hypertrophy) which I've been very recently diagnosed with. I'm diet controlled re: the diabetes and am on meds for the high blood pressure inc a diuretic.

In around September 2016 I had what I can only describe as a burning, tingling sensation ...
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Hi new to forum

Hi all

My name is Janet and I live in County Durham. I was diagnosed last August with Fibromyalgia following what was thought to be a flare up of my Rheumatoid arthritis. I moved to a different Rheumatologist and he told me the flare up I was having and the worsening of symptoms were not due to the RA. It came as a complete shock. I am still very upset about the diagnosis and struggling ...
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Sound familiar...?

Hello everyone

I don't have a diagnosis but suspect Fibro may be the one I end up with. That's why I'm here.

Do any of these symptoms or patterns sound familiar to anyone?

All the time:
Low-level back/shoulder/neck pain; gnawing ache in knees and finger joints; morning stiffness; brain fog - forgetful, memory lapses; low libido

Join/muscle pain intensifies; massive fatigue - totally washed out, but can still just about function; gnawing ache in ...
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New in the Game

Hello!! people… :wave:

I'm Eian and I lives in LA, with my dog. About three months ago i have back pain and doctors tested me for it can only be one thing, FMS.
So, thanks for having me it’s great to talk to others who understand the problems fibro sufferers face daily.

Eian :-D
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painful sitting!

Dear friends, I am wondering if anyone else finds it just So terribly painful sitting? To be expected, I suppose, if one is disabled, as unable to do anything but sit or lie down. It flares up frequently, so even sitting at the computer is only bearable for a short time. I can only keep using aloe vera gel which cools it, but does nothing to hide the pain. Even now, I must go and ...
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Saying hello

Hi not sure if this is in the right place,just wanted to say hello just started on the fibromyalgia journey.
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