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For all your questions and experiences of illnesses associated with FM e.g. thyroid, IBS, TMJD etc.

Low folate & B12 - Anybody else have this?

Hi all,

I'm waiting to get a firm diagnosis of fibro from the rheumatologist.
I asked the Doc to do some blood tests before my appointment with her in April.

I've had a call from the docs who told me that my B12 & folate have come back as low.

I'm having a phone consultation with the Doc tomorrow, but was wondering if this could be the source of my problems or just adding to/the ...
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Fibro and raynauds

The Rhematologist told me that fibromyalgia does not have any connection with Raynaud's phenomenon. I've been diagnosed with both conditions. A colleuge of mine has two sisters. One has Raynaud's. The other has fibro. I find it a bit of a coincidence.Does anyone know.
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Neck pain going into head

I have been having neck pain for 12 months and for the last 6 months it's been going into my head on the right side giving stabbing pains then at times going into my head as a headache
When I told the Dr was told it's trapped nerves in neck causing it told to drop dose of tramadol and increase gaba and paracetamol
It helped for a while but headaches are so bad at times ...
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Other issues

Does anyone suffer another diagnosis to do with the heart or brain that has shown up on an MRI scan I'm currently going through some test but will be some time before I get any results

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Tarlov Cysts

Has anyone else been told after an MRI that they have Tarlov cysts (perineural) on their spine. From what I've read so far they can occur after nerve damage to the spine and are usually found in the sacrum or lumber spine.
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Urinary problems

Hi, bit of a personal issue, but does anyone else suffer from the following problem - all of a sudden I will be bursting for a wee, even if I've been half hour before, so rush to loo, will then go a bit then it stops and I have to wait about 10 seconds then will go a bit more, this goes on until I think I've finished. Dr did a urine test for infection, ...
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Other symptoms


I have a question, can anybody relate. As I am newly diagnosed.

Often my eyes feel like I have a eyelash in them, will be really teary and itchy.

I am also embarrassed to say I'm having problems with my waterworks, I have seen a doctor about this.

In combination is this Fibro related?, I know we are not doctors, but will be nice to know if anyone else experiences similar symptoms

Blood test ...
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Sticky blood

The rheumatologist said I had sticky blood,and osteoarthritis, i had waited months in pain for the oppointment, and had hoped for some kind of treatment,he examined me,he took my blood pressure on both arms and thought it was odd it was different on each side,all he said was,we will see you in 4 months,i have now received an appointment for the vascular surgeon, my question is,is sticky blood anything to do with fibro, my local ...
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Meibormain Gland Dysfunction and Blepharitis

I Have a on going eye problem chronic inflammation of both eyes ( dry eyes) no sooner do i put eye drops in they go dry again

The Optometrist has prescribed Systane Balance 3/4 times a day and Systane Gel drops twice a day and MDG eye bag daily did this for 3 weeks and then gradually reduced the drops ( found the eye bag very relaxing ) finished the course and my eyes felt ...
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Rh neg Blood

I have Rhesus Negative blood, and for those that don't know it can make you prone to autoimmune conditions, basically the immune system can go into overdrive and attack its own body.

Wondering if this subject has been raised before, and if there is any collective knowledge on the subject?
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