recovering from shoulder surgery and fibro' and m.e

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recovering from shoulder surgery and fibro' and m.e

Postby phoenix67 » Thu Nov 05, 2015 11:08 am

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help advise how best to deal with this.

After a recent fall on the stairs (when dizzy and weak and spaced out I think), I ended up at the bottom with a torn shoulder. I had surgery and I am having home physio doing shoulder exercises. Its proving to be very difficult for me because I can't lift my arms without the additional pain and weakness from my fibro and m.e. I've been managed to do some gentle stretching ones but only for a few seconds at a time. My physio has been understanding and let's me do 2 at a time then rest instead of the usual set of ten.

The physio now wants me to progress to weight resistance exercises and she's saying that my weakness is due to lack of mobility and won't improve unless I do more. I've been down this road when I first got diagnosed with fibro etc, and it only made me worse.

I don't think she understands fibro and m.e. as she just puts it as pain and fatigue but there are so many terrible symptoms along with these that make me feel permanently ill. How best would you deal with this situation?

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