dealing with social services

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dealing with social services

Postby phoenix67 » Thu Nov 05, 2015 11:23 am

Hi again, I recently posted about my surgery and home physio situation but I forget to ask about social services (loopy brain :).

My physio has asked me and my family if I want referring to social services to what help I can get from them. I have seen occupational therapist in the past for my fibro and m.e. symptoms and I am mostly housebound and tend to stay upstairs. They fitted hand rails outside my front door (have 2 steps), an extra bannister rail, toilet rails, a bath seat etc. A chair lift wasn't possible due to narrow stairs and weak walls I think. They did mention a lift in a room but it wasn't practical.

My current physio has provided me with a bed raiser, new walking stick and frame and a toilet raiser. I live with my family and they are my carers but they are not eligible for carers allowance. The physio has said that social services ask a very lot of questions and I'm not sure I'm want to put myself through it if there is no benefit to it.

Has anyone else dealt with social services and what did it involve, as I can't think of anything else they can help me with?


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Re: dealing with social services

Postby cdcrossy » Mon Nov 23, 2015 2:52 pm

i recently just got a occupational therapist and she was great she got me moved into a new house with wash room and stairlift as i can go down stairs but cannot walk up them I'm only 36 but i couldn't fault her she was very good. all you have to do is make a list of what you need help with no matter how little the task is as they can get you all the help you need.
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