Is fibromyalgia now being categorised as myofascial pain?

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Is fibromyalgia now being categorised as myofascial pain?

Postby Painintheneck » Sat May 05, 2018 4:39 pm

Has anyone come across fibromyalgia being specifically referred to as a form of myofascial pain? I ask this because, having recently read: Manage Your Pain (by Nicholas, Molloy, Tonkin, Beeston – published by Souvenir Press – 2017 edition), I noticed that in chapter three’s section on muscle, the authors explain that myofascial pain may be caused by taught [sic] bands within muscle and when these “taught bands” are widespread, it may then be classified as fibromyalgia by some doctors.

This would seem to me to be diagnostic by implication. Surely if these [taut] bands are in evidence and can be seen as such (by investigatory means – X-ray, ultrasound, CT, MRI or biopsy), then that would go a long way to defining categorically whether a person has fibromyalgia or even just localised myofascial pain (if only a small area were involved)…? And if the bands cannot be seen by investigatory means, how are they known to exist?

From all the information I have read, the two conditions are similar but not considered to be one and the same; though both can be found in the same person.
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