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Early PMV

Hello All

It's been a while since I've been on UKFM as things have been going okish.

My PIP was awarded till 2021 ( 6 years). I got a letter this morning saying I'm getting a Performance Measurement Visit. I've no idea why and no idea why 2 years early. Any info would be much appreciated.

When are they going to realise that Fibro is for life.

Thanks all

D x
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esa support group and new UC claim

Hi moving home triggered my claim for UC and my ESA Support group claim closed. I was told, and it states clearly on dwp website, that even though its not a natural migration, I would keep my support group status carried over into the new UC claim. They really tried it on with me at the JC, I was ill after the long distance move anywhere, stressed and in pain, and anxiety up to ...
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A few months back I was advised to claim pip, I took a few weeks and decided to give it a try, not really hopeful. So many stories from people being treated so badly I then changed my mind, I didn't return the pip form. It was stated on the letter that it had to be back by a certain date, so I just didn't return the form. No energy or will to tackle it ...
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How long does a PiP claim last?

Hi All,
I currently being swapped from DLA to Pip.

My question is: How often does PiP get reassessed?
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work assessment tomorrow

Hello people.
I have my first face to face tomorrow and it somewhat scary. I have been on ESA for 9 months just the basic £73 and now I have to face the devil.

Had FM for decades but diagnosed about 4/5 years ago, like many I worked with it until I hit a wall last year.

I have the usual pain/stiffness symptoms and also Asthma, Diverticulitis, IBS, GERD, Diabetes, Migraine type headaches, osteoarthritis in ...
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Forum newbie

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this forum, only found it after having fibro for nearly 2 years. I've struggled through it up till this point but at the grand old age of 24, I've finally had enough. I've been scared, frankly, to apply for PIP due to the horror stories I've heard about assessments. I'm having to give up full time work and go to 17.5 hours due to more frequent, and more painful flare-ups. ...
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Hi everyone. I am new here so hope i have put this in the right place. Please move if not.

So after 4 years peace the dwp have set in place another reassessment for me. I am in the esa support group. I returned the form on time to the people doing the assessments. Am just wondering if they are still working a back log or how long these things are taking? if anyone has ...
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Re: Helpful Links For Appeals & MR's

Thank you
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Fibromyalgia and PIP Question 13 Journeys

Hi all. Thanks for reading. I helped Mrs philhj with her PIP application and she got a 5 year award of 10 points for 20 to 50 metres walking - double hip replacements so she has never recovered ability to walk distance as the FM pain knock on is too great. We will challenge this as I did a diary for her and she only walked 20 or more metres on 4 days out of ...
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Just had PIP home assessment

I asked the assessor if he was a doctor and he told me they are not allowed anymore to tell claiments this info! only that they are HP's
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