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Capability for work interview

Well it's been a long time guys. Believe it or not I applied for esa two years ago and never had assessment. As I was CB esa I've had no money for a year. Well I moved houses and counties and it seems to have triggered an assessment - I now wonder if I was forgotten. Id rang twice and was told I'm on the list. Well today I have had the assessment. I have ...
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ESA-Adjusting glasses means you can raise arms above head???

Hi all
My wife had a call from DM today and though DM didn't go through everything, one thing we picked up on was that the HCP had noted that my wife adjusted her glasses with her finger during the WCA...and this was the reason she was deemed able to raise arms above head and hence was not awarded 9 points. My wife stated that she lowered her head to do this and demonsrated to ...
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no point for pip

hi mum got no points on her pip medial can any help on what to put in appeal letter pls o
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DLA to PIP at nearly age 65

I'm on DLA at the moment, medium rate care and high rate mobility. I've had a letter saying I can expect to be asked to apply for PIP.
From what I've read, if DLA is awarded before age 65 it will continue. If not, you have to apply for attendance allowance which has no mobility component.
So I'm wondering if they will leave the PIP till just before my 65th birthday (in June) so I ...
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Newly diagnosed...trouble with

Hello all,

I have now officially been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and scoliosis (yay fun :/)

I currently am in work but it is an hour away from where I live and I find it almost impossible to get up and make the journey there, do an 8 hour day and the journey back without feeling dead in the evening.

Does anyone have any advice on what I might be able to do?
I'm trying to ...
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Ian Duncan Smith

Iain Duncan Smith....... Exit stage left!

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HI, I have been trying to make my through the benefits system for months now and so far have just banged my head against a wall! i have been trying to gain support locally from charities and organizations but so far no one has actually helped. i just get directed to somebody else.
my first application for PIP failed as i scored just below the limits. the local charity that agreed to help then decided ...
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Hi there,

I have recently been told I have Fibro aged 30 :( Been told to apply for PIP due to my daily struggles but not sure if I would meet the criteria. So in brief....

In the morning waking up I need to go side on down stairs and find it a struggle to walk. Gets better as the day goes. Can't stand at cooker or ...
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P.I.P. - Paper based decision

Hi all, I'm just wondering if anyone on here has been through the Personal Independence Payment application process and had DWP make a paper based decision?

If so what information did you provide with your application?

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Please read me, isolated and need help

I'm starting the process of claiming pip and I am petrified
Reading all these stories. I literally have no support
My partner suffers from severe mental health issues and other
Physically problems. I struggle daily I literally sleep
Cos I am in pain and don't get dressed. The doctors I see
Don't know the degree that I suffer cos I'm scared there
Take my children off me (age10 & 8)Now I think cos I've put ...
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