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Fibrositis or Fibromyalgia?


I'm new here, I was diagnosed with FM in 2014, I feel as though my GP didn't know a lot about it, she didn't refer me to anywhere to have other things ruled out, didn't ask for blood tests, she did a pressure point test from information she had printed out, I mean to be fair, I had tried the things you would usually to help FM before being diagnosed with it, I initially ...
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Medication dilemma.

Hi all, I'm in a quandry here, I had a lower leg amputation over 30 years ago, then 12 years ago, I had an accident at work which left me with a life changing back injury and a great deal of pain, since then, I've been on a few medications to try and give me some relief, from the basics like co-codamol, then Gabapentin, Pregabalin, Tramadol and Fentanyl, I couldn't get on with Gabapentin and ...
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Private Fibromyalgia clinic in Edinburgh ?

Can anyone help me please? I have fibromyalgia and I was talking to someone who gets treatment from a private clinic in Edinburgh.

This lady has great relief of pain whilst taking this particular drug.

The drug is on private prescription and may be an unlicensed drug.

Does anyone know the name and address of this clinic?

Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you
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Need advise to choose mattress

Hi all!

I'm not diagnosed yet with fibro, but I think I get most of the symptoms already (trouble sleeping, headaches, and morning stiffness) and in my case :sleep: , I prefer to prevent problems rather than deal with them in further. I'm thinking to begin with fixing my sleep spot and decided to obtain a mattress for victims of fibro.

Found this review and video ...
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Fibromyalgia - Ancient and Modern

I recently acquired a book: Everybody’s Family Doctor (no author given but published by Odhams Press Ltd in 1935). After eighty-three years it’s well out of copyright. But well out of date….? Perhaps not. In this fascinating dictionary-like tome of illnesses and medicine, which some of you might have lurking about, there is a significant entry on Fibrositis (an arguably older name for FM). I think it's worth my transcribing the whole reference:

Fibrositis or ...
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Are all FM sufferers neurotics?

In my relentless quest for explanations and answers, I pose the seemingly harmless question: what type of person develops FM? It’s not a new question, having been asked many times by all sorts of people, most far more qualified than me to interpret any answers. Just to be clear here, I’m talking about personality types and character traits, from an affected layman’s point of view.

Pre-supposing that the medically qualified expert (GP, Specialist, Nurse etc.) ...
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Painintheneck’s top 10 symptoms

Following my recent posts to this forum, I began thinking of how I would actually list my symptoms in some sort of order, if ever asked. I came up with the following very unoriginal ‘Top Ten’ format.

So it’s any Saturday afternoon forty years ago and you’re listening to ‘FM’ radio ;-) That blaring unmistakable music, “At The Sign Of The Swinging Cymbal”, introduces the countdown and ...
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To you all

fibro chr.jpg
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Working with students with Fibromyalgia

Hi everyone. I teach occasionally at a University and I'm about to start a project with a group of students, one of which has Fibromyalgia.

The student has sent me a fact sheet so I can understand a lot of the symptoms and how it may impact on the project but it would be great to hear from others as to what has helped them when dealing with teachers / directors. I really want it ...
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Hip pain/doctor says no to xray

Hi all, first time posting here and was hoping for some advice/oponions.
6 weeks ago my daughter fractured her spine, she lives 150 miles away from me. I basically left my home to spend 8am til 8pm at the hospital for 3 weeks. During that time I have never experienced so much pain, my knees my back and my hips. It was so bad that at one point my son put me in a wheelchair ...
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