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Obesity: How Prejudiced Is the NHS?

I saw this documentary last night. It's available on iplayer in case you missed it.

Britain has a serious problem with obesity - and the medical cost is threatening to bankrupt our health service. Professor Rachel Batterham, head of the obesity services at University College Hospital and a research scientist, presents this current affairs documentary. In it, Rachel explores whether there is 'fat prejudice' against obese patients within parts of the NHS that is stopping ...
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Weight gain and exercise

I have put on loads of weight since I finished work in 2005 and because of the pain I cannot walk that far and riding a bike is out of the question.

I was swimming but it took more and more out of me whereby I'd be in bed for a couple of days after.

I have asked for a referral for weight loss surgery and after going back and forth and jumping through hoops ...
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Capsiplex...Weight Loss, Anyone Tried?

I am at my heaviest for years, and really disheartened, last time i was at my ideal weight was about 7 years ago, I was using Reductil which i found really effective, but that lost its UK registration and its no longer on prescription.

I have heard and read a lot about Capsiplex, i have researched it quite intensively, (its the lifelong student midwife in me, got me into habits of researching everything) and honestly ...
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Weight Watchers and Fibro.

Just wondering if anybody has been following the latest Weight Watchers plan whilst suffering with fibro?
The reason i am asking is simply because i have and my losses have been erratic.I had done it before my diagnosis, 3 years ago and managed to lose 3 stones but did a lot of walking etc.
Now i cant walk as much,even though i am trying really hard to ie 3 miles a day, i am ...
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Gaining Weight

Suggestions please...
After four years of limited activity due to Fibromyalgia and also having an under active Thyroid, my weight is ballooning.
At 5ft 4inches height and with a current weight of 13stone, I am now officially obese.
My Doctors aren't much help or in the least bit supportive.

I need a diet that is easy(ish) and minimal exercise.

Did try the sacred heart diet when at work five years ago and lost a stone ...
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weight loss

hi all im losing a lot off weight atm and never had much to begin with
is this normall
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OMG have been give orlistat as bmi 35

Hi, I went to the gp yesterday about increasing my pregablin so he wanted to weight me, I know that I have put on weight, but I was shocked that my bmi was 35! (At easter I had got on my scales & was 15st I was so upset). I have been struggling with my weight for a long time now so gp said that I could have orlistat but apart from telling me when ...
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Weight loss problem, please give me advice!

Hello. From several years, I have problems with my obesity. I tried several diets, but without any result. Now I'll try slimming product reductan. What do you think about my decision?
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Wake up call addicted to pop

Went to see a dietitian today with my carer as she comes everywhere and getting on the scales it's a wonder I never had a heart attack or I haven't already had one I know it's going to be hard and it's even harder to loose weight with some of the medication I take but I am seriously going to try and cut out the unnecessary rubbish I eat and drink
My biggest problem is ...
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Gastric band surgery

Hi all,

I am seriously considering getting a gastric band fitted next month. I have gained 7 stone since my diagnoses in the last 2 years of Bipolar, Fibro and sciatica caused by all the meds i'm on. Anyway like I said I want the band but my partner and mum are telling me with my health I shouldn't do it (I also have adhesions inside caused by my C-sections that cause extreme pain). I ...
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