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Weight Gain...


I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a few weeks ago after suffering for a few years and am just starting to get my head around it being forever. Reading the posts on here has been so helpful for me! Thank you.... my heart goes out to everyone!

I have a question. Right now I'm managing to deal with the pain and gradually working through adapting my life. I have gained so much weight over the ...
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Pregabalin and Weight Gain

Afternoon all

About a month ago my doctor switched my meds and took me off Gabapentin and put me on Pregabalin. I take 1 100mg tablet 3 times a day (and I'm allowed an extra 1 before bed to get me through the night of needed) Since Fibro invaded my body I have had to stop going the gym and can only handle really really light exercise.

I have always had a healthy diet, lots ...
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shifted half a stone!

well today i am chuffed despite being in pain, i have dropped from 14 and a half stone which my bmi was just in the obese catagory to 14 stone which is in the bmi overweight catagory. i have been skipping carbs for my main meal at night and missing out chocolate and trying to swim twice a week minimum but i also am taking orlistat or better known as Alli. this is a safe ...
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Weight Loss Surgery????

During a recent visit to my GP's they have mentioned to me whether I would take up this option as I am very over weight for my height at 4ft 11 and weighing in at 15 n half stone. I said I would go away and think about it. Has anyone with FM and ME had this procedure done and if so did you have a major relapse. This is my main concern as I ...
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My new diet

Well tommorow is d day for me diet day I am fed up up being so big so done my shopping online and it is all weightwatchers water and fruit so here is hoping I can stick to it x
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low fat chicken balti (fluppy)

spray a large saucepan with low fat spray oil

saute 1 lg onion, 1 medium eating apple chopped for 2 min

add 600g chicken brest fillets cut into chuncks, cook for 2 min

add 2 crushed garlic cloves, 2 sliced carrots, 400g tin chopped tomatoes,3tblsp balti curry paste,

300ml (1/2 pt)chicken stockand 2tblsp chopped fresh coriander.

simmer for 30-40 min

add 50g tawed frozen peas heat for a few min.

serve with brown rice and ...
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fruit cake and scone recipe

sugarless fruit cake.

200g (8oz)sultanas
250ml (1/2 pnt) non sweetend orange juice
75g (3oz) low fat margarine
200g (8oz) wholemeal self raising flour
25g (1oz) natural wheat bran
1tsp mixed spice
2 eggs

soak sultanas over night in the orange juice
pre heat oven 180 c 350 f gas mark 4
lightly grease and line a 15cm (6in) roun tin
mix flour bran and spice
rub in margarine until it forms crumbs
stir in beaten ...
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Diet diary


I wanted to start a topic on my diet. Whether you look in and reply or not i feel i need to do this for myself to keep the motivation.

I have been overweight all my life. Im a pear shape so its all hips/butt & thighs.

Recently had an awful few years with health and family and started comfort eating. As you may know im ...
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hi everyone i was very over weight and tried many diets and was getting now where fast been to a diet person at my doctors she tried to help was still getting nowhere and getting very frustrated she then put me through to the local health centre who gave me a number of options i chose to try the weight watchers diet she gave me twelve vouchers to start me off FREE of charge i ...
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Chocolate fixation

After years of agoraphobia I was HUGE. Finally I found the courage to face the outside world & lost loads of weight, which gave me more confidence. Now however I have an under active thyroid which has made me sluggish & put on weight, the biggest problem though is that rather than be more careful about what I eat, I'm gorging chocolate as if my life depended on it. I hate myself for it but ...
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