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weight loss??

Hi can anyone tell me if they have or are suffering weight loss owing to their fibro? I have lost over half a stone in about 7 weeks while have been in a really bad flare up for about 4 months now, is this related to my fibro do you think as my doc at pain clinic yesterday was very worried about this, can anyone help? I am seeing my gp tomorrow but very worried ...
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Weight Gain with Meds

Hi everyone

Does anyone feel how I feel? I'm 24 and use to be a size 8 from becoming ill I have gone up to a size 14-16!

I've tried everything and the only thing to blame is medications!

As I'm sure u all know I can't exercise due to the medical issues. I'm cut back on everything I eat but no change still!

Anyone have any suggestions? Xo
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atkins diet anyone@

well i know last week it was gluten free/lactose free - this week i am trying atkinsish for weight loss instead of ibs needs.

but tonight i feel so full and bloated adn only had a bit of salad lettuce leaves and some prawn cocktail about 6ish.

the only trouble is i am away so have not been able to have lacto free dairy products or gluten free so don;t know if it is taht ...
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Scared of gaining weight!

HI all,

I have read through a lot of the posts on weight, but not sure they really cover my issues so here goes......

I have always struggled to cope when I have put on even the smallest bit of weight, but with support from my doc and my family I have managed to not let it get to me (too much anyway), but latelty I have been getting so much worse.

I have to ...
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Dieting - pig to twig/idiot proof diet

I've started to do this, i feel much better and my pain has improved slightly (not sure if it's because i've lost a stone in a week or genuinely a reduction in pain).

Does anyone else do this diet?
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i know that i gained alot weight due to fact cant exersize no more but my weight atm dont know where it wants to be one day ill be 17stone next day ill be 18 and it aint the scales as my partners weight dont do it either.

i dont know why im gaining weight tho as i hardly eat ill have maybe one meal a day usually salmon or chicken so not fattening ...
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weight issues

I know im probably going to get people having a go at me telling me im silly but i dont know where else to talk about this, i have had weight trouble ever since i can remember, i have tried diets, excersise is out of the question and ive been told by doctors the weight is making things worse, they gave me diet pills that didnt work. now i feel like my only option apart ...
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Is It Possible To Lose Weight On Pregabalin?

I have been on Pregabalin for 18mths. In the beginning I took it like a general Joe Blogg would take an aspirin for the occasional headache I was so scared of it and it took a good 3mths for me to take it as prescribed.

I currently take 450mg daily, since August 2010 I have put on 4 stone.

I have always been an advocate of weight watchers and had got within 6lb of my ...
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can/t lose the weight @@@@@@ any tips.

i have been trying to set myself a target of 30 mins exercise a day but i just cant do it. :swear1: :swear1: :swear1:

i am so dpressed at the amount of weight i have put on in the past 18 months, i don;t want to look like ...
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Guess what?????

I lost a stone since the begining of August!!! Well, just over a stone......

My physio said cardio was good for fibro (its rollox as it turns out, I feel just the same), but, I also wanted something to strengthen my leg muscles because my knees were dislocating more frequently, so I bought an exercise bike (I got it for £180 on sale from £350 or summat).

And its working!!!!!!

Also, with my borderline/bipolar thing ...
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