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Weight Gain .... help!!

Since I was diagnosed with FM in March this year I have been piling on weight. Is this usual? Meds wise I take 30mg of amitriptyline at night. I also have had an underactive thyroid for 20 years and am 40 now. I don't know if it's my age, the medication or due to the FM or a combination. I am particularly keen to hear from others who have managed to lose weight with similar ...
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weight loss not gain!

Has anyone actually lost weight through their fibro instead of gaining it? Although we are less active, with the anxiety and the ibs and the pain does anyone lose weight. I have and all my bloods are fine but at the moment it feels like my ribs are sticking out as my costo is bad.
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Putting on weight :(

:shock: I am on Gabapentin 3, 3X daily and volterol 3 X a day... But i am so bloated and feel so fat atm. Im not pysicaly happy with myself atm, and am calorie counting and trying to do bits here and there... but with the depression i comfort eat! 2 weeks ago i was going well... now im eating everything in site... i only have to ...
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ok heres my first one

Bacon and Sausage Quiche
Serves 4
4-5oz Lean Bacon
4 Bowyers fat free sausages or any low fat ones
3 eggs
8oz low fat cottage cheese
Seasoning to taste
Slightly grill the bacon about 4-5oz and chop it up.
Grill 4 Bowyers fat free sausages and slice in small rounds.
Beat the eggs and add the cottage cheese, then add the bacon and sausage.
Mix everything together ...
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Trying to lose weight

I have never been super skinny but I was a respectable size 12/14 for most of my adult life. However since last May I have put on over 3 stone and now am a size 18/20. I knew I was putting on weight but tried to push it out of my mind. If I don't think about it its not happening kind of thing. As you know that doesn't work too well when everything you ...
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Hello folks, hope you are all ok right now......

Just wondered if any of you suffer with issues with your weight as a result of being poorly..... I have put quite abit of weight on since my having my health issues many years ago, and I am finding it hard to loose the weight as well....

I know that alot of people either suffer with ...
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free weightwatchers club - come join.

is anyone interested in weighing and clocking in free.

like weightwatchers or other clubs but free never been to one so i don;t know what else they do.

will weigh myself on wii in morning and check in as i think it is better to weight at that time of day.

do we need another page for chat, tips etc though any ideas how to lay it out.

i need some help with this anyone ...
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im really pleased with myself

I just wanted to share (i know its a bit daft) but i have now lost half a stone! i know its not much but im really proud of myself.

Also, i have been looking in to the possibility of going back t work maybe so have contacted remploy to see if i can ave some more information and a meeting with them to find out more about what may be out there for me. ...
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Antioxidants help loose weight!

Hi all,
I've been reading all the posts about weight problems with fibro and thought I'd share with you what I discovered. I was advised to get a super antioxidant capsules from h and b health store as they would help speed up my metabolism. Having been on them for six months I've lost 1 stone in weight and I still have a regular diet of comfort foods. Maybe this will help others too? Hope ...
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Fibro and weight

When I was "officially" diagnosed, both times, the Rheumy stressed that weight gain, and trouble losing weight are real. The second guy I saw said he took very sriously weight in his diagnosis. I shouldn't weigh what I do. I am not huge but should be lighter and having always been very slim I find this very hard. I have read up all about why it happens. Body almost in survival mode so metabolism slows ...
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