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Poetry anyone?


Just wondering if anyone writes poetry on here? As dead as it is in this day and age I'm a lover for poetry. I try to write something every day, dont always publish it to my blog, but i write every day. Just wondering if anyone else has taken to the literary arts? Would love to have some poets to talk to and get criticism and share ideas with
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A Letter for People Who Ask You About Fibromyalgia

Hello All
I found this on the American Fibro Forum, also on (which invites you to share if it's useful so that's exactly what I'm doing.) Hope my UK fibro fellows find it helpful........... fairy_dust

"Dear Concerned,
You’ve recently asked me about fibromyalgia and I’m sure you’re wondering what all the hype is about. While most people have heard ...
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I wrote this after my Dad died :-(

It is 5 years ago today that I lost my Dad, which is also I imagine the catalyst to my Fibro now.

Looking back over the decades I think ive had ongrowing symptoms since I was a teen, but losing my Dad was huge and I wrote this a few months after he died, it took me a couple of months to finish it and get it right, but it really explains how and what ...
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A Letter From Fibromyalgia


Dear Miserable Human Being,

Hi, my name is Fibromyalgia, and I’m an invisible chronic illness! I am now stuck to you for life, can you believe it? Others around you can't see me, or feel me, but you can. I can attack you whenever - and wherever - I so choose to. I'll cause anything from severe pain that means you can't even lie in your bed, to just a 'mild' ...
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How I feel.

Hi guys I hope you are all okay and managing to get through this day as best you can. I don't normally do poetry but as a writer I guess it just wants to come out and if this is how it does it then that's fine with me. This is how I feel I didn't know it until the words came out as it seemed to write itself. I wonder how many of you ...
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Fibro's chokehold.

Fibro has a hold of me, it's always there, sometime's strong, sometimes weak - never weak enough to break free, it's just always there. It's hard. It's a battle. It's an up-hill battle I have to restart from the bottom every morning. It's frustrating. It's infuriating. It's damn right rude, too! Why does it have a hold of me? I'm young, I'm otherwise healthy. It's robbed me of so much; of my passion and hobbies, ...
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Fibro- you're not the boss!


You're always with me
Yet you are not kind to me!
As soon as I wake you want to play
But I don't like your game.
You poke,you prod,you sting and burn
No amount of stretches and turns
Shake you off
it's time to move and hopefully help you learn
I don't give a toss!
You are not the boss!

Here we go - out of bed
Stretch up high, dizzy pins and needles ...
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Playing with words...

The sum total of my creativity for today.
Off to lie down in a darkened room now! :oops:

Fibro v me

None wants to be here,
With Fibromyalgia.
Scenery is bleak where
There's nothing to see.

The first welcome for you,
No matter what you do,
Aching tiredness creeps through,
Like an old dead tree

Then brain fog falls real low,
Hides every word you know.
Chokes ...
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The visitor

Well I knew it was coming. I felt it in my bones. As it got closer my migraine started. The stiffness and pain in my knees and hips reminded me that it was the start of a long cold painful time, as if I wasn't experiencing both the pain and always being cold.

The hot bath called me thinking to itself..I can help! Ha! And then as I sat, covered with a quilt, a hot ...
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in chains

in chains that bind me and hold me here
noone can see u standing there
no one can see your smirking grin
or feel the pain your keep me in

the chains are held with cuffs so tight
my wrist will wake me in the night
i can but shuffle instead of walk
i can but mumble instead of talk.

i cannot hide from your glare
even though no ones sees your there
i feel ...
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