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A night with Fibro

A night with Fibro

I’m hating my body, I’m hating my pain
I just want to be normal again.

My body is twitching, my muscles all ache
My bones they are hurting. Please give me a break.

Sleep it eludes me, my heads in a spin
My minds working over. Thoughts will not give in.

My head feels like thunder, my mind won’t switch off
The pain is just awful. Please make it s** off. ...
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a skylarks song

a skylarks song shifts time along
back to halcyan pain free days
where we galloped on two wheeled horses
chasing monsters and dragons away

we ran through daisy flecked oceans
of sun kissed shimmering green
scampered up bark armoured giants
to vanish in clouds of leaves

a magical meadow of freedom
no stiffness no fog no fatigue
to bask in the rapture of movement
that still lives deep inside of me

but my nemesis always ...
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In a bad bout of insomnia, I coined a poem..

In Our Darkest Moments

What is this life, so full of pain?
Trying to work, rest and play.
So hard to move, so hard to breathe.
I long to sleep in peace,
Away from this pain.

What is this life, so full of pain?
Just getting through each day by day.
So many experiences I've yet to gain.
So many chances taken away.
I long to have sweet dreams,
Now that would be nice.

What ...
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Who do you think you are ……………………….. ?

I am Fiona Malkin and I walked passed St. Nicholas Mental Hospital often as a child, the endless tarmac path stretching before me pulling my feet to the ground and hanging on them, so every step was a challenge draining me of energy. I walked along the sand stone wall that reached above my head hiding everything on the other side. I walked passed the gaping windows ...
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I am bored with the winter enough already!

I am tired of looking for the beauty in it, tired of white vistas undefined from the sky or disappearing into the mist towards the city. I am looking too hard for the mystery in the falling flakes and utterly sick of trudging through it, the sludge and slush the ice even the freshly fallen pure white snow. Bring on the year I want the summer! No ...
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I'm sorry

I'm sorry for all the times I've forgotten a conversation. Sorry that I can't move as quickly as you. Sorry you have to repeat the same things to me over and over again. Sorry that I'm always exhausted and want to sleep all the time. I'm sorry that I appear to have lost the ability to have a logical thought. I'm sorry that I let you down that time...and the other time...and all the other ...
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Look at me, what do u see?
A picture of health? You dont see ME
you dont see the pain inside that i feel,
Its all in my head? I assure you its real
Im boring you say because i no longer go out
Do you realise fatigue just knocks me right out?
Im not being lazy or lacking in fun
My legs barely walk so how can i run?
My neck sometimes struggles to ...
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Somewhere in the world of latitudes and longitudes fifty five degrees north and five degrees west, north but not so far north as Lapland and on the western fringes where the light defilement is minimal we find ourselves on the deck of our boat, it is night, it is dark, and there is a sharpening in the breeze.

In a lonely marina far enough away from all other boats to feel happily desolate we are ...
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I walk in twisted cable, along the Atlantic rolling shore,
My ends frayed in copper spark and frazzle in my head.
My minds eye sees a calm and distant secret place,
But I can not pass the frazzled endings sparking in my head.

I lie in knotted cable, under the clear and star clad sky,
My entire is twisted wire, tightening in my gut.
I lie beneath the stars but they are in the place ...
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Inspired by sweetypie5

How do you explain, this feeling of pain
It’s gone through my head, time and time again
It’s bearable, distressing then agony too
Sometimes getting to a point you don’t know what to do

I lay in my bed to herald the dawn
My dream of being pain free is probably forlorn
The moment I move the pain will return
The aching, the stabbing that bloody awful burn

They have no idea, these experts we ...
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