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I don't want your Sympathy

Just a little something I wrote after being told for the 100th time that I look normal, or I was limping on the other leg yesterday :roll:

As a Fibromyalgia sufferer I do not want your sympathy, I just want you to understand who I am because I may forget.

Yesterday I may have been limping, today I may be skipping, tomorrow I may be having ...
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my thoughts

This is not how i want to be
Fibromyalgia has taken the real me
Gone is the life i used to live
To get it back what i wouldnt give

Feeling so tired always in pain
Which get even worse in the cold and rain
Trying to do the things that i like
Now its like doing a thousand mile hike

When people look at me they dont see
That inside im grieving for how ...
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The Fibro Poem

I adopted the following poem but re-arranged it to fit around my own life,
Also there is a theory called the spoon theory, Spoonies are people who live
With chronic illness- Theoretically measuring personal daily abilities, much
The same as you would measure the proper amount of spoons needed for
A dinner party or wedding, sometimes there would enough but other
times a shortage. Fit and healthy people don’t have this problem, but with a ...
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The Garden

Hi All

This little verse is not necessarily about FM but it is about something which I hold dear. I love our garden and when I can sit out in the better weather and have a cuppa and watch the flowers and the creatures which visit the garden I feel so much better for that time :coffee1:

My Garden

There’s a beauty in rounded buds, ...
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When sweetie went to the chemist,,
She was looking for something to try,
There were all kinds of colourful thingies,
prescriptions that promise the sky

lotions and potions,
packets and pills,
in rainbow colours,
for all kinds of ills,

but theres nothing for fibro,
no medicine pure,
no powders, no tablets,
no wonder cure.

she turns from the shelves, with a heavier heart,
she limps to the doorway, and makes to depart,
I wish I ...
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I found this poem today and thought I would share it

It is such a relief when you first find out
That the pain really does have a name,
And then you will ask (and everyone does),
"just where can I place all the blame?"

No matter the limits, no matter the pain,
There's no evil, cruel "master plan,"
It just simply happens. It just simply is.
You adapt, and you change what you can. ...
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This is my story of courage and strength, when i hear someone say whats the point or life is over, i offer this story, it means a lot to me so i hope you like it. This is the first time ive given anyone the long version.

My Father (Roy) was born in 1930, a handsome young man he had an active life, he loved Motor bikes, cars,photography and could put his hand to any ...
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My poem to spread awareness

Hi, please take a couple of minutes to read this, its a youtube video i created which is a poem i wrote about living with fibro. please share it arround and pass it on to everyone who has fibro, and to those who dont! the more people we reach the more we educate xx :-D thankyou xx
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Express yourself creatively......

Hi Everyone, I'm a keen creative writer and sometime I like to put my feelings forward in a more creative way.
See what you think....

Fibromyalgia is a lot of a pain
It leaves you with groggy fog on the brain
As you wake in the morning, all stiff and listless
Some gentle stretches will shake off that stiffness
But the hardest thing you’ll find during the days
Is pacing yourself so the energy ...
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sat in bed, pain flooding all over and this came out of the blue into my head ......

Grinding, there is no other word to describe the fixed, stone like pain that dominates me. A rusted, locked neck, a burning frozen back, and all the while awareness that it is creeping ever onward holding my body prisoner. I am still, each movement a risk, a taunt to the creature that has taken my synapses, and ...
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