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The perscription

I cant take credit for the origianel story of this as i rememder hearing the basic idea on the radio years ago , but i remember thinking at the time that it should be done in verse , as it did not sound right as it was narrated . and yes i was having anxity problems at the time caused by fm , just did not know it then. once agian its of the top ...
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nothing to do with fibro but some may like a read , i wrote it a few years ago ,excuse spellings as its of the top of my head,
about time some one had aread of some of them


So as our nations grew and grew , with overpopulation,
the phroficies made in the past , of just how long our world could last ,
with little food for us to share , our ...
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Everyday on the news, somewhere in the world, some person or persons, are being held

against their will, for the demands of some political or religious sect, by over zealous men

in arms that rant and rave about their cause.

I am a hostage too.

In the same way as those unfortunate people who are taken away from their normal

existence to for-fill the demands of these terrorists, political extremists or religious nut

jobs. ...
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Fibromyalgia - Prison sentence of pain

Fibromyalgia – Prison sentence of pain

I didn’t ask for this, why did it choose me?
But now I have it, why can’t people see
The pain I feel is etched upon my face?
But of it they seem to see no trace.
To me it is obvious, all-encompassing and severe,
To them; “Oh yes, I get aches too dear”.
After a list of their minor aches and pains,
How do I then find ...
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