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Tired of fighting for tramadol - any suggestions?

I was diagnosed about 8 years ago now and have tried pretty much everything on offer on the NHS for relief and the only thing that works at all is opiods like tramadol and morphine. Which is unfortunate because my GP seems determined to stop prescribing them. The last year in particular feels like it has been a constant battle to keep getting my prescription filled. My actual GP is great but she is ...
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Is fibromyalgia now being categorised as myofascial pain?

Has anyone come across fibromyalgia being specifically referred to as a form of myofascial pain?

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fibromyalgia/joint hypermobility


I have fibromyalgia and some joint hypermobility and would like some help and advice about managing my symptoms. Is it worth asking my GP for a NHS referral to a rheumatologist or a NHS referral to a physio. I just need to know what exercises are good or bad for me, I am getting no help from my GP. I live in Leeds but don't know anything about rheumatologists or physios in the Leeds ...
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I was diagnosed with Fibro last month by my Rheumatologist. I visited my doctor 2 weeks ago to get my medication and on his notes he wrote Fibromyalgia/ME. I questioned the ME and he said very casually oh they are the same thing. I said I didn't know this and he said yes they are. This left me very shocked. I have since done research and posted on the Facebook Fibromyalgia UK site and ...
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Rheumatologist app today

I have my first appointment to see the rheumatologist today although after much research (I know the doctor is going to love me) I have decided I don't think I do have fibro. I have symptoms of MS that aren't in the fibro list. But I guess the specialist will decide today. I am so nervous and I have no idea why.

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Dr silver

Has anyone heard of him. I think he's a specialist neurologist in fibromyalgia. Walton centre Liverpool.
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Help finding a fibro friendly GP FINCHLEY

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with fibro early this year.. My doctor I'm sure does not believe fibro exists. She decided to reduce my meds & wants me off duloxetine. After getting frustrated she sent me to pain clinic. I was so happy as the Dr at the pain clinic was wonderful. She has emailed my GP telling her to put me back on the dosage that worked (to a degree) but when my new ...
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Diagnosed with osteoarthritis (stenosis of spine) osteoporosis. Asthma, and last year COPD. I have now started to use out of hous or A@E where I'm given steroids and antibiotics, had house call couple weeks ago by one of older Doctors in thee practice. I was unable to walk about and Doc asked why this was, I explained by telling about my condition and the consultants i have seen, this is same Doc who prescribes me ...
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