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Do I just suffer then???

Been back and forwards to doctors over the past year, mainly with complete exhaustion. Had blood tests (again) last month which he wasn't happy with, so more last week, when I saw him yesterday he said that apart from my blood count being a bit low everything else had settled down so probably had had a virus. He also put my thyroxine dose down from 100mg a day to 75mg a day as he thought ...
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What do I do now?

Hello everyone

I have been going to my GP for around 2 and a half years with really bad headaches, tingles in my arms and legs, sudden tiredness and what I can only call ditziness when I suddenly forget the word I want to use or can't make a decision. The GP after most of the 2 years said I had fibromyalgia. They referred me to a rheumatology consultant who seemed only to hear 'headache ...
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rant about my doctor

not fibro related - i saw my doctor on monday there and i was struggling really bad with my anxiety and when i tried explaining it to her she just blanked it out completely as she seemed more interested in telling me to stop hugging her that you shouldn't be hugging your doctor etc.. and i've been really struggling and upset on how she blanked my anxiety out and i wanted help from her not ...
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Fab doc!

I realise such a subject heading might be rare, but today I met a fab doc :-D what made him fab was that I felt listened to, I wasn't dismissed, he acknowledged my various problems, and explained everything clearly.
I was referred to my local hospital pain management team, and told there's a 4-5 month wait :( I ...
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Second Opinion

Hi, how do I get a second opinion. My GP says I have Fibro and we have been trying various meds for past two years now and I can't get any release. She won't do anything further and says it all about how you deal with the pain - I am just so feed up.
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Norfolk - what services, anyone 'in the know'?

Hi all

I'm new to finding our what services there are for fibro in Norfolk, but not new to fibro. I was diagnosed about 2 years ago at Addenbrookes and discharged straightaway on diagnosis. A few weeks back the Norfolk CFS/ME service diagnosed me with CFS/ME too and I'm the waiting list to see the CFS Occupational Therapist.

I've kinda neglected myself the past few years :nono: ...
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Hi all I went to see my doctor for a medication review yesterday and I've never felt so bad.first of all within two weeks I'm bald! I've lost all of my hair turns out it's the gabapentin she's now having some new meds brought in as a liquid for me it's a combination of two meds? But after all of that I walked out of my appointment telling my rhemo doc where to shove ...
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Dr refused repeat prescription painkillers

My Dr has refused my repeat prescription request for painkillers, I've been taking them regularly 4 times a day for the past month or so on the advice of the physio, as opposed to as and when. I usually collect them a couple of days before I run out, I last got some about a week ago and put in an early request as it is really difficult for me to get to the Dr's ...
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Recommendations for W Yorkshire.


Second post following the introductory one.

I have eventually got my choose & book letter through for a rheumatology appointment for suspected FM.
Not quite sure which hospital to go for. Leeds, St Luke's Bradford, Huddersfield, Chapel Allerton, Dewsbury & Harrogate are all potential candidates.
I live near Leeds and Chapel Allerton is the closest. However I work in Bradford so that would be the most convenient.

I wondered if anyone had any particular ...
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Could this be the answer?

I'm from Sussex and 25 years old.
I know this type of forum in no way replaces qualified medical expertise but I would like general opinions....I can't take many more gp visits where we both sit there and say my symptoms are strange and I leave.

For the last two years I've been struggling with pain. It starts as almost a tingly itchy burning sensation in my skin and if I ignore it and ...
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