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At my whits end with GP

I have been diagnosed with hypermobility but having been through all treatments possible, I am pretty sure this is full blown fibromyalgia.

I have had so many problems with the GP and have no idea what to do next. They have put me on codeine which I have been 'over ordering' as the dose they recommend just doesn't cut it anymore. They don't seem to want to find a cure for the pain and frequently ...
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NHS - long term support/Are treatments intensive enough???

Hi all,

Not been on here for a very long time? How are you all, despite the FM and life issues? Me still suffering with FM as always and having to shove a hot water bottle on my back - its that pain that feels tight and knawing.

Anway, I probadly asked this before...but cannot remember as it's been a long time - but do you feel that the NHS provide long enough community and ...
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Going Private

Hi all

So - its been a lovely couple of weeks with the push to get help and not get fired... and to get adequate care. The physiotherapist is still saying its postural... but then she has only seen me twice in two months because of the waiting list problems. So i honestly don't think shes seen enough. The osteopath still thinks that its more related to a rheumatoid condition but are unwilling to push ...
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"Fibromyalgia no longer treated on the NHS" ???

It's been suggested to my mother by her GP that she might have fibro so she asked the pain management specialist about it today with the hope of getting a referral to a rheumatologist. Apparently the lady told her that fibro is no longer treated on the NHS and implied very strongly that she didn't believe in it anyway.

Anyone heard this recently? I haven't approached the NHS about mine for a few years now; ...
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Reluctant GP

Hi All

So, i'm new here so if its the wrong place to write this i'm sorry feel free to move me. Long post sorry sorry.

In December i was struck down (its the only way i can describe it - something wasn't right in the month prior but December the symptoms spiked) with pain, everywhere, to the point where i considered a trip to A&E. I should explain that it would be a cold ...
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Delicate art of changing doctor

Hi all,

I've just made my first appointment to see a new doctor but, because he's in the same surgery as my old doc, I find myself a bit worried about what I am going to say to him if he asks why I want to change doc. My old doctor has been mostly OK, but I have never liked him and also feel that he has never really taken me seriously, even though he ...
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Is this doctor correct

I was diagnosed a couple of years ago. Saw several docs at the time.

I saw a new pain consultant today and he has highlighted an accident which seems to be the trigger.

He left me with one question I can't find an answer to. I hope someone here can help.

He stated that although the accident was the trigger the fact I got Fibro means I was predisposed to get it anyway hence it ...
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First Physio Appointment

So...I have my very first physio appointment booked this week - tried to get my GP to refer me but she is conviced that is it all in my head, so I am going private with a friend of a friend.

I've never had a physio appointment before and am just getting over a bad flare at the moment - quiet anxious already (just the way I am) :yikes: ...
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Problem getting diagnosed.

I have been suffering with widespread pain since March 2015. I have been to the GP so many times it feels like my 2nd home lol.
I finally was reffered to Rheumatologist who done more blood tests and arranged an ultrasound of my joints.
All tests came back clear for arthritis and I was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition. Having looked into all of my symptons many times I knew fibro could be a ...
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All in my head

Hi all,

Last April my GP, after years of going back and fourth said she was 99% certain I had Fibro. She said she would refer me to the hospital to see a Rheumatologist to get a certain diagnosis.
Well fast forward nearly a year and numerous phone calls and visits to my GP, this week a new GP ( the original one has now left, great!) said that she has cancelled the referral and ...
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