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I already have osteoarthritis in the bottom of my back and in my big toes. But I'm having terrible pain in the back of my neck on a daily basis. My finger joints and the base of my thumb. Also burning hot pain in my knees.

I went to my new GP several months ago and explained I was unable to kneel, due the feeling I was being stabbed with knitting needles into my knee. ...
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Pregablin , when to stop

Hello everyone , long time since I posted but been taking time getting my head round my condition.

Nearly 2 years since diagnosis by rheumatologist who discharged me and referred me to pain clinic.

Pain consultant discharged me with medication advice to my GP.

I'm now on 400mg of pregablin a day with the consultant advising my GP to go up to 600.

But I have a question no one seems to be able to ...
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Pain management

what should I expect on my first assessment appointment and what should I take along with me?
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Questionable Diagnoses?

Hi all,

I'm new to this site/forum - and have only recently even heard of Fibromyalgia when my doctor gave me this as my possible diagnoses.

I have been having mild to severe pain throughout my back, shoulders & arms/elbows for as long as I can remember - I've always brushed it off as I was doing contact sports so I assumed it was just my body telling me to cool it - I stopped ...
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Pain clinic - first appointment.


I have my first appointment at the pain clinic soon. I am just wondering if anybody could share their experiences of their first appointment at the pain clinic and experiences of the pain clinic in general. Do they take bloods or do any tests etc or is that left for your doctor to do? I just want to know what to expect. Thank you.
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Fibromyalgia Diagnosis Help

Hi folks

I have been having the symptoms of Fibro for the last four to five months.

I have been to see several different doctors and had every bloody test under the sun and also sent down to see a neurologist which showed up nothing.

I have only had one of the doctors mention Fibro, however he has since left the practice.

What I am. Looking to know if how long and what tests or ...
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North Devon/Devon based GP's??

Hi. Can anyone who possibly lives in the North Devon or more general Devon area recommend a GP surgery or specific GP who has some knowledge and understanding of Fibro as well as CFS/ME. I live in Barnstaple, North Devon and every GP i try seems to have minimal to no knowledge about my symptoms nor do they seem to take me very seriously. In fact its almost as if they think i'm putting this ...
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hands have gone funny

hi recently especially in the morning i cannot make a fist with my right hand the left is starting to get bad but now my little finger on the right hand locks when i extend my fingers from trying to make a fist can anyone give me some advise oaths should i get a X-ray etc
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Amitriptyline & Sertraline... together?

Hi there

I've recently gone back on sertraline - an SSRI - and want to take an amitriptyline to help get a good night's sleep. Is it safe to take one? Is anyone else on an SSRI and have ami for help with sleeping occasionally?

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life expectency

I have been with a very good doctor who I saw everytime I went until the other Friday when he left. During having fibromyalgia we have discussed medications and physio pain management and the medications we have tried some left them but basically ended up on a lot of meds. I have recently lost my brother to heart disease and he was in a terrible state with ulcers on his legs that were riddled with ...
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