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Meds and Statins

Hiya I have just had a meds review my current meds till I start my new ones Monday as they come in Blister packs are

Current New

Paracetamol 2x500mg 4 times a day " " " "
Tramadol 2x50mg 4 times a day " " " "
Ibruprofen 1x400mg 3 times a day " " " "
Baclofen 1x10mg 3 times a day 2x10mg 3 times a day
omerprazole 1 a day " " " ...
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Who Takes Pregablin And Gabapentin?

I am currenly on the following meds daily-
Tramadol 400mg
Duloxetine 90mg
Amitriptyline 30mg
I have waited a long time for an appointment with the pain clinic and had an assessment the other day. The pain specialist there recommended that I start on Gabapentin to see how I get on. Have just started on a low dose. She also said that if that doesn't work then I will be put on Pregablin aswell as all ...
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Should I change Doctors?

My last 3 appointments with a Doctor have been telephone appointments. I'm finding this system frustrating. I hate telephone appointments, the line is usually faint and what I want seems to get lost along the way. Yesterday, I really wanted help with pain management and ended up being prescribed antidepressants and told to call back in 2 weeks. I have tried searching though the other local surgeries but none of them say what their Doctors ...
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Letter with secret code ??

Hi guys sorry to bother you all .... I've recived my letter today from the consultant confirming the diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

The letter basicly advising my gp what medication to prescribe and where to refer me to next.

At the bottom of the letter it says and I quote


So what the he'll is a ck=313 ??? I'm betting that no one will know ...
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severe back pain

Hi just wondering if anyone has experienced back pain,I've had it for over a week and the pains terrible in my lower back.
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Looking for good rheum; Surrey-Hants NHS or anywhere private

Hi-- Having had an unsatisfactory run-in with a specialist in another medical speciality, this time I'd like to get a good specialist the first time, so I would really like to hear from people about which doctors I should seek out and/or which doctors I should avoid.

I've been taking the same meds for years and suddenly I'm having side effects, and must change meds. GP is willing to refer me to a rheumatologist and ...
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Great GP....Poor Consultant!

I don't know whether anyone else has got this problem, but my GP (who I've been seeing for about 5 years) is so understanding and helpful compared to my consultant, who is dismissive and unhelpful.
I have only just been diagnosed by my GP with fibro after having umpteen blood test, xrays, ultrasounds etc. including having 6 months of investigations under one of the worlds leading shoulder specialists. I was discharged from the shoulder specialist ...
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My GP left me in tears

HI, My fibro is worsening considerably and I went to see my GP last Friday, as my son is getting married in 3 weeks and I just don't want to be dizzy ,or unable to talk/eat due to the TMD. I took my husband with me because my GP is often dismissive and short with me and I wanted my husband to see it first hand, as I'm not sure he really believed me.

We ...
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Kyle Davies


Has anyone heard anything about this

A friend posted it to me via facebook - I suspect it's another form of the Lightening Theory - but wondered if anyone knew anything more - as his website says next to nothing, and just wants me to sign up (probably to pay a lot of money... don't they all) before they say anything tangible.

Thanks in advance xx
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How long till someone diagnoses me!!

Hello everyone,

I am 20. I work up to ten hours a day as a teamleader in a warehouse and also live on a farm so I do do a lot of work but I am struggling so much. I have loads of symptoms head to toe, brain fog, can't speak properly at times, pain in literally every joint and I have muscle aches that travel around my body. Sciatica pains, chostochondritis, fatigue and non ...
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