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hi everyone - newly diagnosed today.

hi everyone.

after years of telling people there was something wrong with me, and two years battling neurologists and doctors, and everyone telling me it was a mental health condition, i have finally been told today by my rheumatologist that i have fibromyalgia. it is such a relief to actually know as i can now access support and knowledge from people who know much more than me like your good selves. i have been so ...
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Hello, any advice desperately needed (long post)


I think I’m looking for an explanation as to how I’m feeling.

8 years ago I prolapsed a disc at L4/L5 which needed surgery. Following this I made a decent recovery and went back to work. On my first day back one of my colleagues had a cardiac arrest beside me. Being a nurse I immediately went into resuscitation mode and in the process as I lifted him onto the floor I reprolapsed L4/L5 ...
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fed up with pain.

Hi new on here but glad I've found somewhere to talk. I've yet to be diagnosed but gp says she's pretty certain i have fibromyalgia. Just going through the motions of having everything ruled out. It's been pretty rotten year from the outset with been hospitalised with tonsilitis then diagnosed with diabetes. I'm May I was in a road traffic accident but not too badly injured.most days I'm in shifts about today it's my ...
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Joining the fold.

Hi all, I'm Alan, 57, below knee amputee, osteo-arthritis suffer and fibro victim, plus, I'm bald, fat, ugly and I smell, that's just the good stuff! :crazy:
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New here

Hi all,

I’ve just joined and thought I should write something.....

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2007 but told it’s a nothing condition and to get on with it by my GP.

I have anxiety/mental health problems so all my symptoms get put down to that. I’m not sure what I have anymore as I have so many labels!

My main symptoms at present are extreme heat intolerance, numb hands and checks/temples/forehead and scalp. ...
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Hi to you all, Ido not have a diagnosis, looking for advice

Good morning,
I'm Paula, I am 48 and have been experiencing various symptoms for a while and i am interested in getting your opinions on whether my symptoms sound like fibromyalgia, i look forward to getting to know you all
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Hello, my story!

Hello everybody,,, perhaps as an introduction I should tell you a bit about myself.
Im one of those rare males with fibro.
I've had this "DISEASE" for about 15 or 16 years now but it was only diagnosed about 12 years ago.

My Story,, and as all good storys begin:

Once upon a time

My mum developed Alzhimers I gave up my average 50 to 60 hr working week and went to part time work ...
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A tentative... Hello

Hello to all FM sufferers. Straightaway I would like to say I’m not sure I should be here. I’m a bloke who’s never been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and doesn’t usually do forums. That said, I’ve been told by my GPs (several of them at the same practice) that all of my symptoms could lead to a diagnosis of FM, if it weren’t for their honest and forthright professional belief that FM, along with IBS, TMJ ...
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Severe hip pain with Fibro?

Hello, fellow-sufferers. Following on from another severe flare-up with Fibro, I suddenly developed terribly right hip pain, right across the lower back, and in the groin area, and right down the legs, worse with the right. I cannot lift my right foot to get socks on, or get into pyjamas, the pain is excruciating. I have been crying-out with trying to move a few steps, as pain is so severe. Has anyone else had this ...
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hello fibro-sufferers, it has been sometime since I have written. Life with pain gets no easier, but I am wondering if anyone has taken Turmeric and found it helpful. My daughter wanted me to try it, as she has found such an increase in her energy levels, but she does not have fibromyalgia, but she is a teacher and has to stand all day, and she does a great deal of walking, of necessity. Also ...
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