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Any tips on what helps you including alternative medicine.

Save your spoons

Hiya All

We all know what life is like when we don't have enough energy to cope with daily life and with the pain and fatigue things can go really sour into a downward spirral, so here is my list of useful things that are great for spoonies and money saving and spoon saving.

1. If you have to do a lot of typing for work or at home, rather than trying to type it ...
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For those who have Fibromyalgia etc?

One thing that really helps me over years as I am flat footed in innersoles, these little innersoles only cost me something like £30.00 and I had specifically made for me but they have truly been life-savers for me, before I had them the pain in my knees and ankles and feet were close to unbearable but now I can just about cope with the pain.
It will be ...
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Healthy tips for heart

Every one can reduce the risk factors and chances of heart disease by changing the life style.
1.Do a work out plan
Exercises like walking, swimming and cycling maintain the health of blood vessels and strengthen the heart muscles. This will control the cholesterol and fat level.
2.A health diet
Development and prevention of heart disease can be done through a healthy diet. Eating fresh fruits, vegetables, pulses, and legumes protect your heart. Whole grains ...
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Menthol Pain cream/ gel aboniki


So ive been using gels/cream since my teens (30 now) to help with fibro....only really works on my neck area.....every morning after a shower i apply and gives my neck area relief till about midday ...3 times a day seems to get me through the day..... thought i would share as it might also help somone else ...when buying make sure the menthol is a strong ingredient only seems to be available in the ...
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I apologise now for the rant but I really need to talk....
I work as a care coordinator for a large well known company
Over the last few weeks my workload has increased. I started with a flare up in June and thought I would be ok after my 2 weeks hoilday in July. We no I'm nothe. I've been back 2 weeks now and already my pain in though the roof. I amy have ...
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Gadgets to help cope with the symptoms

Hello everyone,
Im not sure how much you all use your Mobil phones but I am constantly on mine either for work or just nosying on social media but I am forever dropping it due to my hands not w doing properly. I have now found out these cool little things called pop sockets. They stick to the back of your phone or tablet. And they are kind of like an extendable handle. They have ...
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Any of you with dogs that pull...

... i have found something that helps a lot! So I have a staffy crossed with a lab. He's fairly big and muscly and can easily drag my tiny 5'3 self. So as you can imagine I have had trouble now I am having to use 1 or 2 crutches almost everyday. He managed to pull me over and it was awful! So if any of you have felt my pain (surely I can't be ...
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Mobility aids

So I am having a pretty silly issue right now and I am wondering if I just need to suck it up or if someone else has any tips for me. I am 26 and work full time. I was very active and always dragging my friends to the gym or for a walk. Now I am stuck finding myself struggling to walk. I have borrowed a pair of crutches from my friend which ...
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Some good tips there.

I'm glad the experience wasn't too stressful and you are back on the boards.
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Trouble sleeping.

Hi everyone
I'm really struggling with sleeping I get of to sleep but then get alot of break through pain in the night,any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated thanks.
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