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Any tips on what helps you including alternative medicine.

Has anyone tried ginger for the pain

I've been researching alternative ways to reduce the pain and I came across articles saying that root ginger helps as it acts as an anti inflammatory. I am seriously considering trying it by drinking ginger tea eating crystalised ginger etc. I just wondered if anyone had tried it to ease the pain and if it had worked :?:
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travel tips for 2 week holiday

I am going away with my college to South Africa in October for 2 week and wondered if anyone had any tips, recommendations, items you take to make travelling and being away easier. My college know about my fibro, and i am on medication but don't seem to get much relief from it. I was only diagnosed in February and haven't got to grips with it yet so any help would be appreciated.
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Coping with a day out?

For the single parents with young kids - how do you manage a day out?
I want to take my 7 and 9 year olds out for trips during the holidays, but I am so anxious as to how I will manage..! So far I've managed the supermarket. That's it!! Just stayed at home!!

Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. I can not accept I am having to struggle with all this!!! And this isn't just a fibro ...
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feeling unwell veins like thin lines then too big

help is this a Fybro thing or not ?
my Dr blames everything on my Fybro !!!

its not only in the hot weather this happens to me , i feel really ill and my veins all vanish into thin lines i go all dizzy have blotchy vision and i feel totally washed out, later on my veins go the opposite way they get too big, i feel cold inside but i'm sweating outside and ...
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Opinions please.

Have been going to chiropractor for about 2 months now with great results. Pain and stiffness much reduced. :-D

They run a small group for therapeutic yoga which she thought would also be beneficial. I have been to 3 classes.
After 1st sore all over but not my fibro pain, 2nd we had been doing postures to strengthen abs and gluteal muscles so they ...
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PEMF therapy

Hello everyone, I am new to the board but have been suffering with fibromyalgia for about a year. This condition rapidly transformed me from a once active, super-fit and energetic young man into someone who is constantly exhausted, constantly in pain and pretty much house bound. In the beginning of the year I would build myself up to the point where I would attempt to exercise again like my old self. This would result in ...
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Hi everyone, I had a brainwave earlier and was wondering if anyone had ever had the same thought or had even tried juicing with fibro? A while ago I lost quite a bit of weight and felt really good when I done a Jason Vale juice detox followed by a raw food diet. ... but it was very expensive to be that healthy so found it very easy to slip back into old ways. .... ...
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Pain Clinic

Hello all.

Just wondering if anyone on here has attended a Pain Clinic? It would be interesting to have your comments please. :-)

Many Thanks
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Hi I'm a newbie I have had fibro for about two years along with other problems I have found fresh fish works better than meds. Has anyone else noticed this.
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Siactica/low back pain

Does anyone have any tips on coping with Siactica and low back pain. ??

Spoken to the pharmacist this morning on the phone ( no chance of walking there), he said it sounded if it was in the very acute inflamed stage and has suggested Ibuprofen 400mg......yet again more pills, I am on Pregablin and amitripylene......I will start to rattle soon, if the tablets did the work we expect from then....maybe I would not feel ...
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