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Any tips on what helps you including alternative medicine.

duvet problems causing unbearable pain

Apologies if this has been discussed before.But I just wondered if anyone else has the same problem as me.i can't bear having a duvet over my legs the pain is excruciating.i have to use one velvety type blanket or pain is awful when I am just lying in bed.i cant seem to get comfortable.
I try and rest a pillow between my knees but even that hurts after a while.
I am currently on ...
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Dvla and medications

Hi. I've been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia since October, but have certainly had symptoms for a long time before then. My GP has been great. I'm now taking 100mg Zomorph twice a day. Pregablin twice a day and amitriptylin 100mg in the evening. I'm still not pain free but I'm trying. Last week someone brought to my attention about the DVLA and the fact that if you were on some certain medications that you will be ...
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Diagnosed 2 months ago

Diagnosed recently but had years and years of pain and just put it down to me whining too much! until now, on so much medication but still feel the pain so much, does anyone get extreme face ache? what else can I do to help me?? at a loss right now! only 26!
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Natural Remedies

About 3 months ago I gave up on meds and decided to tackle my symptoms myself considering I know my body better than anyone.
The only thing I take is passion fruit pills (natural) to help me sleep. I also purchased a good quality mattress which has made the world of difference. If I sleep stressed, my symptoms are definitely worse the next day often resulting in headaches from the pain in the muscles in ...
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High protein low fat and possible pain relief help please ?

Hi I have over the last two weeks adapted my diet to increase protein following a post I saw on a migraine website . This post was related to migraines and eating protein before going to bed and suggested evidence for it relieving morning head pain. I've tried it. And in fact have increased my protein all day and think , fingers crossed , it's improved my head and neck pain.
As I have excluded ...
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5 things I can't live without

So after a 5 hour sleep I'm now wide awake at 1.45am so thought I'd Make a fun post

I'm gonna list 5 things I can't live without as an FIbro fighter and would love u guys to do the same! Maybe we can get ideas from each other?

1. My iPad, keeps me sane when I'm awake at stupid o'clock, I use it to keep in touch with the world on FAcebook, research stuff ...
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How Much Is Too Much??

Hi All,
As always I'm on here scrounging for some advice and hoping to dip into this wealth of knowledge and experience on here!
I'm off on holiday in a couple of days with my husband, my 2 year old and my inlaws. Any tips on pacing?
I find it really hard to know when I've done too much before its too late.
I'm scared of ending up exhausted and not being able to do ...
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