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LDN (low dose naltrexone)

Hi, I have an appointment with my dr in a couple of weeks, and wanted to go armed with some suggestions for meds, as mine just don't seem to be helping. I haven't been to the drs about meds for quite a while, but have been getting progressively worse. I have read a few things about a drug called LDN low dose naltrexone, but I was wondering if anyone has or is taking it, and ...
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Pregabalin and high blood pressure

Hi Everyone and thanks for any replies. Yesterday I went to the doctors for yearly asthma review. My blood pressure were high 159/94 which has worried the hell outta me. I seem to get a lots of side effects off my many different pills for Fm 3×100mg pregabalin, nortrytaline and tapentadol. Plus others
I've looked into pregabain and it states one of the S.E is high blood pressure?
Does anyone else have the same problem/worries. ...
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GP reluctant to prescribe me Tapentadol (Palexia) anymore.

This drug was originally prescribed to me by a private consultant two or three years ago, and I've been taking it since then through prescriptions issued through my local practice. However, after receiving my latest repeat prescription, my new GP phoned me up after a warning was flagged up on her computer screen, and offered to replace it with Tramadol a less potent opioid. I wonder if it's down to to the recent concerns about ...
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Gabapentin vs codeine.

So the only pain releif my doctors have really offered me so far is Gabapentin, which I've not really found very effective and has some unpleasant side effects...drowsiness ect.

What I've found a lot more effective is codeine, I've not been prescribed it but you can buy low strength stuff over the counter in the UK. There's side effects there too but I find them more tolerable, especially as actually notice a big difference in ...
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Any tried Nefopam for pain relief?

Results? Side effects?

About to give it a try for occasional use to supplement my ibuprofen/paracetamol on very bad days when I still need to function.

Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has used or is using it. Ta.
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Query on Sertraline

Apologies if this has already been asked but with the fibro fog can't find it.
I've just been started on Sertraline after coming off Duloxetine. Dr said I can take it any time of day. I take 50mg currently at night as it makes me drowsy. It gets me off to sleep fine, but when I wake up, it take me ages to get going then during the day, I get sudden waves of intense ...
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N:REM Mattress

Has anyone tried the mattress that you can adjust to your liking/comfort that is advertised in the magazine please?
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Hi all not been on for a while been struggling with meds etc!!
I was on sertraline and small dose of ami to help me sleep, but after 18 months dr reckons sertraline not working and making things worse! I do agree with him though.
He said as I've tried all the ssri's without any positive efficacy that the only drug left in his bag of tricks is Duloxetine.
I've read good reviews and bad ...
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How strong is tramadol?

Just recently been prescribed this as cocodamol wasn't controlling the pain enough and wasn't agreeing with me. How much stronger is it than Kapake/Solpadol (30/500 cocodamol)?

Also could anyone tell me what the next step up from tramadol is? I'm just curious as I don't know a lot about painkillers. I'm also on Sertraline, Pregabalin, Amitryptiline, paracetamol and ibuprofen. Thank you :-D
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What meds is everyone on?

Just curious about the medications people with fibro are on as it seems to differ a lot from person to person. I'm on

Ivabradine (for POTS)
Midodrine (for POTS)
Fludrocortisone (for POTS)
MST Continus

Genuinely just interested and being nosey if that's all right lol. What medication has helped you the most? x
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