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Fibro headaches treatments, any tips?

Hey everyone. I'm 23 years old and was diagnosed with fibro 7 years ago. Recently my symptoms have been getting worse, especially the headaches! When I was first diagnosed I tried taking amytriptaline, naproxen and then gabapentin with little success. After that I decided to try and self medicate instead but it's now proving impossible to make it through a day without awful headaches. Has anyone tried anything else with any success?!
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Advice? In pain.

I have suspected fibromyalgia and my rheumatology is taking a while to come through. So far I've only been given Naproxen even though I told the doctor that they aren't working and are giving me stomach problems. I'm also taking OTC Cocodamol, but not really helping. I have been on naproxen before but they didn't help, so was put on Etoricoxib which again didn't help and made me sick. He out me back on naproxen ...
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Medications for muscle spasms?

Hi I'm new here and actually using my friends account to ask questions if anyone can help with them (although I do plan to join myself!) I have a rheumatologist appointment to confirm the diagnosis of fibro and my gp has discussed the treatment if it turns out I do have fibro. My main symptom is muscle spasms which don't generally hurt, they're just constant and annoying. My gp mentioned that there are medications for ...
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Anyone been on Etoricoxib (Arcoxia)

Hi has anyone been prescribed Etoricoxib? My gp recently prescribed this but they're not really seeming to help the pain at all. I'm on a 60mg pill once a day for about a week now but I'm still having to take lots of paracetamol a day as it's not really doing much. Has anyone else been on this med and has it worked for them? Also does anyone know if it's stronger than other NSAIDs ...
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Does anyone have any experience of taking this antibiotic?
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Hi All

My husband purchased a medipen for me - it arrived on Thursday morning. I started using it immediately. I'm taking my usual meds, then an hour later, 3 or 4 " puffs" of the pen. 4 puffs again, after my afternoon meds, then the same at bedtime meds.
I absolutely cannot believe the difference it has made to my pain levels and stiffness. For the first time, in a very very long time ...
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Dear friends, Has anyone tried this herbal product before? I was just so utterly desperate of living with such unrelenting excruciating pain all over my body particularly this week, especially with sharp pain in shoulders, mainly the right, and painful neck, that I am about to try taking Serrapeptose. I had read that it had supposed to have lessened the pain of someone with Fibro, so am now trying it. I am usually highly sensitive ...
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I've had amitriptyline prescribed 10mg of a night. Prescribed 3 months ago when I was diagnosed. I promised the rhumatlogist I would try them. They still go unopened. I've had a few reactions to medications that have made me very unwell. I'm frightened to take them. I have severe fatigue. I can't see how they will help. Only make the fatigue worse is what I'm thinking. Any advice. Thanks.
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Hi I'm due my first appointment with physiotherapy on Monday. Any advice on what to expect and what to ask. Thanks
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