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Due to start physiology soon. Does it help with muscle spasms.My lower legs are very painful currently.I don't know how to solve this problem. It can be difficult to walk.
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New to gabapentine/pregabalin

Hiya.. I recently been told I have fibromyalgia, and last Monday I started with 1 gabpentine 300mg, the Tuesday 2 * 300mg and Wednesday 3 * 300mg (900mg) so been taking 3 a day so far and I feel doped up and sleeply, also my anxiety is up and I am feeling emotional.
I am due to speak to my go on the 20th of march for a update. I feel no benefits from taking ...
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Weight gain

Dear sufferers, Has anyone put on much weight through being disabled with fibromyalgia? I also have M.E. I was a size 14, but now I am size 18, and now finding those clothes are too tight. That is another thing with fibro. We cannot bear anything tight on our painful bodies, right? Just want easy, floppy, comfortable clothes. In fact, I live mostly in my night-clothes.

Any thoughts? sincerely, Roselil
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Oxygen treatment

I see some good research about this. Anyone ever tried it?
Seems a bit daunting - you have to start off with 5 days a week for 3 weeks. 90 mins a go.

Not so good if you dont live locally.
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Diazepam when to take

Hi all

Currently off work been 2 weeks now gp tweaked my medication. No improvements have got worse to - my muscles feel like dried up sponges that have no flexibility and I struggle to move. On top of this if I do manage to walk I have painful burning pins and needles like sensation all over my body. If I shower the water hitting my skin is horrendous. Been back to gp today and ...
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lidocaine infusion for pain

Hi, I visited the pain clinic today and have been offered a lidocaine infusion through an intravenous drip, has anyone had this?? Did it work for you?? We're there any side affects?? I would be grateful for any feedback, many thanks, Linda x
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depo provera

I had this contraceptive injection earlier this year and I noticed that my symptoms got dramatically worse. I have since read on google that it can either bring on or worsen fibro. Begs the question, why did they give it to me???? I was due my second shot last month and have not had it - never having it again. I am so tired all of the time and my limitations are still way higher ...
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New Hope Meds

Where can I get guaifenesin from uk? Been preparing for it but not sure where the best place to get it from. Also does smoking ciggerettes affect it? :-o :-D :-?
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Trying Pregabalin anyone use Topiramate?


For the second time I agreed with my GP to try pregabalin for fibro pain. As before I'm finding it helps with the pain BUT side effects are stupidly tired and spaced out and 'lazy'-like (just can't do anything basically). This is the same as the last time I tried it, plus I was on it longer and had a big increase in appetite and put on weight. Last time I started on 50mg ...
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Can you drink coffee on guaifenesin?
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