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Magnesium and malic acid

Hi all,
I've heard that taking magnesium and malic acid supplements can have a positive effect on fm has anyone tried and benefitted from said supplements , it would be good to hear some positive remarks as I'm just about to start trying them .
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Ami and sertraline

Hi ,
Has anyone ever been on this combination of meds sertraline in the morning
Then amitryptoline at night ? What was your reaction? Did the combination work ?
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Pain and anti depressants

Hi all,
Has anyone been prescribed an anti depressant and found there pain gets worse? I feel as though my pain has escalated since I've been put on sertraline.
Anyone else experienced this ? And did the pain go when you stopped the ad? If you stopped it ? , or did you stay on it and it eventually got easier?
Any input would be appreciated cheers
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Sertraline burning ?

Hi all has anyone experienced a burning sensation on the skin taking sertraline anti depressant ?
If so can you let me know if it goes , many thanks
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K Laser Class Therapy

Has anyone tried this type of therapy for fibromyalgia ?

I have been reading an interesting magazine article on this laser therapy on how it can help relieve painful chronic conditions.

Number of treatments depend on the severity of your condition. There are K -Laser clinics spread across the Uk

I would be interested to hear from anyone who has tried this treatment....both with positive and negative results.

I hope everyone is having a painfree ...
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pain clinic - duloxetine, gabapentin and pregablin

Hi, i recently attended a pain clinic for another pain condition (vulvodynia) and whilst there we discussed my other conditions such as fibro, m.e./CFS, crohns, IBS, hormone disorders, vaso depressor syncope, migraines and constant daily headaches, vertigo so on.. Anyway, I've sufferered from fibro and m.e for many yrs severely and tried lots of drugs over the years and I have become very drug sensitive and suffer from multiple chemical/household/food etc allergy symptoms daily. The ...
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How many sufferers have tried Floatation Therapy ?

How many sufferers have tried Floatation Therapy ? and what were your results ?
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Problems with Naproxen

I've been having a massive flare up due to the after effects of multiple organ infections last December. It feels like my skin is crushing my body. I've been given Naproxen to help me get out of this flare up. I've been feeling really nauseous, tired and shaky for a few hours after taking each dose. I was wondering if other Naproxen users get the same thing? I know that I shouldn't be complaining as ...
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Sertraline for pain relief

I have just been prescribed this anti-depressant, but for the pain rather than depression. I wondered - Is anyone else on this for pain and has it worked for them in relieving their symptoms.

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Please Try This for a month and let me know how you get on!

Sorry not looking to reinvent the wheel here and what i'm going to suggest may be common knowledge already.

A quick summary I had the fibro pains and other symptoms first, however my diarrhea once it kicked off took over my life and I looked for help anywhere I could get it. At the same time I was having a severe bout of Psorises.

Firstly I know there is meant to be a link between ...
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