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Recall ::Omeprazole 20mg gastro-resistant capsules

I know many of us are on theses, so check your batch numbers ... han-normal
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Ice baths?

hi there. a friend of mine recently suggest ice baths as a method for helping with my aches and pains caused by fibromyalgia. they are supposed to be amazing for sports people who have sore muscles from training etc. I wondered if anyone on here had tried them with any success?
thanks for reading :-) x
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Has any one decided to come off Amitriptyline off there own choice , have been on them for a few years now just 10 mg mostly ,( when I have has flare up have upped it two 20mg )
Theses last few weeks I feel that they have had some nasty effects emotionally wise, last week one minute I was fine the next I had a raging temper just stood and screamed and kicked at ...
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Magnesium Tablets

I am thinking about trying magnesium tablets to see if they will help with my legs problem of soreness,tingling and nerve fibre damage. Has any one else tried them. I would be pleased to hear your comments.
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Been put on gabapentin after trying amitripyline and tramadol etc as they were weren't working , any hoo I've only just started gabapentin but I feel awful I'm on a low dose meant to increase by 1 tablet every 4 days but since starting them of a night like instructed I'm waking up in the morning with what feels like tension headaches n my back is in more bulk than what it was I have ...
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Hi guys,

I just wondered if anyone had tried it? Good or bad experiences would be appreciated please. It was pitched to me by pain management as the latest wonder drug and that always makes me suspicious. It also makes me worry they want to put me straight up to the highest level of 60mg, surely this encourages side effects?

Gentle hugs xx
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LDN - Low Dose Naltrexone


passing this message on

My pain specialist would like to contact GPs in UK who are prescribing LDN to help him prepare a case for prescribing it to fibro sufferers in Liverpool & Merseyside. This post is on FB page - Fibromates - North West Fibromyalgia Support Group

Is anyone on here being prescribed LDN, I have looked at this and discussed with hubby this is a link to some information.

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Domperidone for dizziness and nausea

Hey fibro friends!

Has anyone been put on domperidone for dizziness and nausea?
I've had it for nausea before but it has been helping my dizziness a bit! Did it help anyone else?
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medication during pregnancy?

Hi, me and my partner have been thinking about trying for a baby, I'm wondering what medications are safe to use. I'm pretty certain that I'll have to stop all my current meds (gabapentin, tramadol and quinine sulphate)
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Hi guys,

Miss me??? lol

My reason for posting is that I have just been put on Trazadone, and wondered if anyone else has any history with it?

Today, which is day five of taking it, I slept until nearly four in the afternoon. I was shaking and exhausted!!!! It is in addition to my Duloxitene, Amitriptaline, Gabapentine cocktail that I am already on. I needed a boost as my ex boyfriend, the one I ...
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