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Suggestion for action

As there are so many with fibro in the UK, couldn't we write to our MP's about benefit cuts and our problems, not just once, but a letter every single week. That should get someone's attention as Parliament would be inundated with mail. It would also be good if our carers or relatives wrote every week as well. A letter costs very little, but mounds of post bags can't be so easily ignored by MPs ...
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Denmark declares ME sufferers as 'insane'

"Very sad news from Denmark: Danish Board of Health threatens to commit seriously ill ME-patient to a psychiatric hospital
The Danish Board of Health says that the diagnosis of ME is the same as insanity and wants to forcibly remove a 23-year old woman, Karina, from her family home. This could happen as soon as May 2nd. Karina is totally bed-bound, is extremely light and sound sensitive and is to weak to talk. She is ...
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R.I.P Nhs ... 79390.html

I spread the word, i signed every petition along with millions of other people. The dictatorship that we call a coalition couldn't care less. I don't care how much of a flare up I have afterwards, the next time there's a demo I'll be packing my Co - codamol and walking stick and going to do my bit.
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Seeing My MP

Hi All
I am going to try and raise awareness to people who suffer from Fibromyalgia by seeing my MP do you have any useful information I can tell him as well as my treatment by DWP in the last 9mths
look forward to seeing you comments
Thank you
Jacquie :-D
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Write to The Lancet UK

I am still frustrated by my doctors attitude on Friday I decided to write to The Lancet.

This is a medical journal that consultants and doctors read.

I have told them that all doctors need to look into our condition not just diagnose fibro then leave us to it as they believe it's all in our heads. I worded it better but you get the gyst.

I asked could they do a write up on ...
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Simon Kirby MP

Simon Kirby mp has now replaced Des Turner as the Patron Des Turner did nothing for us.
Simon Kirby is my M.P. I personley have had contact with him he could not careless about FMS suffers

On October 1st members of the Sussex & Kent ME/CFS Society met with Brighton MP, Simon Kirby who recently became a Patron to the charity. Discussions included the NHS specialist services for ME/CFS in the area and the need ...
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Hi All
Lots of other charities for the disabled (Scope, The National Autistic Society, Parkinsons UK to name a few) are proclaiming their support for the Spartacus Report on Twitter and Facebook. The Spartacus report was commissioned, compiled and paid for by Disabled people to investigate the cover-up by the government of what is really thought of about the switch from DLA to PIP and how much opposition there is to it. Many famous people ...
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Christmas Card from Hardest Hit to Cameron and Clegg

The Hardest Hit are sending a massive Christmas Card to Messers Cameron and Clegg. Info from Facebook below;

"Only a few days left to sign the Hardest Hit Christmas card to the government! Let them know that disabled people won't be asking for presents, just their basic rights and support to live independently and with dignity.

This Christmas we're sending the Government a Christmas card with a difference. ...
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Lobby parliment for research into M.E

Please, please visit this site and sign up.

It is a public lobbying site which runs a number of campaigns you can vote for with the largest amount of votes being taken forward by them in the hope of a parliamentary debate. There is a tab on the home page which says campaigns. click on it and search for the one about research on M.E. its got quite ...
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