should drs do better reports for dla

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should drs do better reports for dla

Postby animalhouse » Sun Jan 08, 2012 3:16 pm

i asked for a copy of the form my dcotors filled in when i was turned down again for my 2nd attempt at dla.

he put
"no examination undertaken - disability/care neesd unknown"

this is the dr at my new surgery who i have been seeing for the past year and has provided me with gabapentin, codeine, diclofenac and otheer drugs for sleep;/pain relief.

i have an appointment with him tomorrw as the dla said they would consider another report if he wrote in and asked them to disallow the first one.

the trouble is i am so down/angry/frustrated/sick after being turned down for my 1st application at appeal i got yesterday and reports from solicitors of surveillance footage of me :yikes: "gonig into a supermarket and buying shopping" :yikes: :yikes: :yikes:

i am fed up of constantly being called a liar of having to proove when i have diaries of evident when i have been bedridden over the past 2 years - my only imrpovement has been over xmas after hydrotherapy and swimming which has allowed some improvement to my back and it is not so stiff now.

i am still having back pain and seveere discomfort when walking and using my hands but i feel such a fake or am fed up of proving this.

:( :( :( :(

should i cancel tomoorrows appointmtne or not:
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Re: should drs do better reports for dla

Postby iandp » Sun Jan 08, 2012 3:48 pm


my GP was just as bad, and still no better so in the process of going for appeal, but cos i put in for an appeal they sent a atos dr to do a medical assessment on me at home, one thing i can say, they won't ever video me outside unless it's to get out of or into a taxis for Drs appointment or summat as i don't leave the house due to my inability to walk on my own.

I know it's not nice or good that Dr's seem to think they can treat us with the same dis-regard as the DWP do and to make ut we are all liars etc.

I cancelled my last GP appointment due to i would of said summat or done summat which would of probably made things worse, but thats just me, i was also very angry at what she put, and still not been back, i did write to her but it seems i get the same ignorance as i do face to face.

I won't say you should cancel your apppointment, as that has to be your decision, maybe see if you can see a different GP instead.

What ever you decide to do hope you get some where positive.
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Re: should drs do better reports for dla

Postby denys » Sun Jan 08, 2012 8:38 pm

Go in and talk to him, be prepared for a discussion but stay calm and ask him to do an assessment even if it means making another appointment for it to be carried out. Check to see if it was actually him that filled in the report or if it was a secretary/other doctor :fingerscrossed: and :goodluck1:

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Re: should drs do better reports for dla

Postby Ldyalb » Mon Jan 09, 2012 12:35 am

I gave my GP a printed summary of all my main problems and what my parents help me with to help him when the DWP contact him. I just explained that I couldn't mention everything in a 10 min consultation so wrote it down.

I've yet to find out if it's worked.
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Re: should drs do better reports for dla

Postby anonymouse » Mon Jan 09, 2012 11:29 am

I agree that Doctors should do better reports for the DWP no matter what its for, they even get paid to do so.

On a report from my GP the question was "How does this persons condition effect their mobility" and the GP wrote "Fibromyalgia can effect mobility" (They might as well leave it blank because it says nothing about me!)

My consultant refuses to do any reports, he will provide copies of all letters but has suggested we pay another consultant privately to write a report about how my condition meets DWP benefit criteria. (The cost of this would be over £150)

I paid my GP £10 for a letter to ATOS Healthcare to tell them I needed a home visit as they requested a letter from my GP before they would do one. The result was a one line letter from my GP, £10 bill and ATOS ignored it and still would not do a home visit anyway!
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