Surprise, surprise 0 points!

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Surprise, surprise 0 points!

Postby Woodentop » Wed Jan 18, 2012 5:15 pm

Oh well, I saw it coming I suppose, but that doesn't stop me from feeling really down. I have been waiting for the brown envelope but I actually got a phone call this morning - I thought it was always a letter but I suppose they're so bogged down with paperwork it's easier for them.
The chap on the phone actually apologised for it being bad news. I really wanted to say ' like you really care' but thought I'd better not! He said he would tell me what I could do next, but I just said straight away I want to appeal and he is going to send the form. Oh joy - more form filling. I now will only have two more ib payments before the deadline for returning the forms and then it goes onto the equivalent of jobseekers for the duration of the appeal. That means I'm losing almost £100 a month - money I could really do with. It doesn't help that I later read in the paper about an immigrant who sells the big issue and can gets £20,000 a year in housing benefits. My money's peanuts compared with that.
I'm now going to ask for my medical report so I can see whether it was the person doing the medical or the decision maker who decided that a miracle has happened and my conditon is cured. I now have the added problem of rheumatoid arthritis, diagnosed yesterday, so if there's a cure that the DWP know about perhaps they'd like to share and we can all get better!
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Re: Surprise, surprise 0 points!

Postby MCT » Wed Jan 18, 2012 5:36 pm

Same thing happened to my husband on transferring from IB - Nul Point! His GP, Consultant & CAB advisor couldn't believe it. The DM didn't even contact either of his doctors and shortly after the appeal went in he had a reconsideration, he still received a big fat zero and yet again they haven't contacted his doctors!

While on appeal he gets contributory rate ESA, he has to send in sick notes for his RA. Last week his GP signed him off for 3 months this time so that he doesn't have to come in every month "After all it's not as if you're going to get any better".
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Re: Surprise, surprise 0 points!

Postby chrisgoneferal » Wed Jan 18, 2012 5:42 pm

I seem to be missing some thing here......all these miracle cures, nothing about all this in the press is there?

Shouldn't t he pope be informed?

ATOS are sponsoring the disabled Olympics.....on the way they rate everybody ALL the Olympic athletes ought to have their benefits withdrawn ...can't see that happening can you.

Some people are defined at courageous athletes overcoming the odds and worthy of praise an others are classed a nil point.....

Difference being celebrity mates and an interest in sports......

Surely disabled people should be organising protests during these games or at least asking what makes these athletes any different from them???

I had a spinal fusion...ened up with nerve damage, flattened spine, fybro but await a brown envelope informing me of my miracle cure.

Live every day in pain and now fear and my GP says have some anti depressants.........

Perhaps what she should say is here's here's a javelin or jump that hurdle because I am sick of jumping hurdles that are put on my way
what I would like is more efficient pain relief, some respect and enough jobs for everyone so employers will consider me....

I will ring the pope just to see if he has heard anything......

Sorry for your troubles

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Re: Where are the smilies?

Postby Beowulf1976 » Wed Jan 18, 2012 6:10 pm


It boils my blood when the ATOS cretins judge people for being able to walk better with their new knees, but they don't take into account that the rest of the body is buggered.

My Mum got signed off as fit for work, she is crippled with rheumatoid and osteo arthritis, and diabetes now, thanks to the methotrexate injections. Some days, yes she could sit down and do SOME SORT of a job for an hour or so... But not without being in pain because she's having to use her wrists, which are buggered too as a matter of fact.

She's not "disabled" but she's definitely not fit for work either.

On her bad days she can't even get off her chair.

My parents resent me because I'm disabled, her poxy doctor told her that ME and Fibromyalgia were in the mind, they only last 2 years and most people can work through even the worst case. Of COURSE they now think less of me. They think it's all a show to claim the benefits and get the motability car. :(

Now Mum had her claim refused they resent me even more.

I hate her doctor, he wants shooting for the crap he's told my Mum! He wants sueing (sp) for even discussing my health with her. Hollyhocks to the patient confidentiality crap, when I was his patient, he was ALWAYS discussing how I was with my Mother! Even when I was 20! It doesn't help that no-one is allowed to be as ill as her...

I'm upset that she got refused, but half of me says: she can walk two miles into town every week, yet her doc gave her a disabled badge?! She stands and watches football in the coldest most wintry weather, yet she gets a disabled badge? I'm half and half. She's been on IB for years on end, yet she consistently babysits my Brother's children etc, she runs around after them, etc... (even when my niece was the age of being into everything, she never turned down looking after her. Yet was too poorly to have my pair..)

I agree that she is ill, and that she may be unfit for work, but she doesn't do herself ANY FAVOURS with regard to proving she's not fit. :(

One could argue that she could be a childminder as she's always looking after my Brother's children... Yes she has her bad days, but I've never witnessed her turning him down....

*sigh* so bitter...
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Re: Surprise, surprise 0 points!

Postby iandp » Wed Jan 18, 2012 6:13 pm


sorry to hear about ur 0 point's, i am on DLA and awaiting to find out the out come of my home medical assessment, it was only done thou after i was turned down, and then upon review awarded low rate care but no mobility even thou i can't walk without support, so i put in for appeal then DWP decided they wud do this medical with ATOS, to try and cover the behinds probably.

makes me really sick when i see ppl go past our house to go to shop and who's on full mobi n care with car etc and yet i can't even get out of the house with out a taxis door to door.

hope you get some where with your appeal, maybe ur doc can write in again to back u up

good luck any way

ps, well sed Chris lol
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Re: Surprise, surprise 0 points!

Postby Woodentop » Wed Jan 18, 2012 9:32 pm

Thank you Chris for making me smile. I don't know about informing the pope,but I'll be hiring a plane with a banner trailing behind declaring that there is now a miracle cure for fibro and of course it'll be free on the NHS!! In the meantime we can all just keep on :banghead:
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Re: Surprise, surprise 0 points!

Postby Ldyalb » Wed Jan 18, 2012 9:59 pm

I went to the Vatican once, I think that counts as 'going to the Pope's house' - I'll ring him for you :-)

Sorry to hear you got nil points, my medical is a week on Sat so I guess in about 3 weeks I'll also be getting the 'nil points' phone call. Glad you're appealing, keep at it.

If nothing else we'll crush them with the sheer weight of their appeals.

Beowulf, I'd report that Dr, he's out of order if he tells other people his patient's business. Also, send your Mum proof of Fibro's existence (if you haven't already) - if it didn't exist then why does the NHS say it does? If she still won't listen I would just refuse to discuss health issues with her. Do the broken record thing. 'yes, I've told you I have two real disabilities, end of discussion' and repeat ad nauseum.
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Re: Surprise, surprise 0 points!

Postby nicnacno » Wed Jan 18, 2012 10:22 pm

Sorry to here you had no points all we can all do is keep fighting for this crippling illness and all stick together.Nic
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Re: Surprise, surprise 0 points!

Postby littlemo1954 » Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:56 am

Hi Woodentop,
Your post reads exactly how mine was going to read. I'm in a complete state of frustration and no money. I got nil points and I can go out to work. I'd like to find a sympathetic employer who will let me go to work when I feel like it and go for a rest when a need it. That's without all the other stress working involves. I like you was surprised with a phone call and not a letter.
I took their advice and sent back a letter with a medical certificate from my Doctor and they have cut my money off completely. I don't know which way to turn.
Two years ago I was turned down with not enough points and went through all this and ended up at tribunal which took about six months to get to. The ordeal was harrowing and having to prove yourself is not good. It worked I won the appeal. It looks as if it will go that way again and I'm feeling ill just thinking about it.
I don't think the powers that be realise, we would like to work, it is of no fault of our own that we can't. I look normal, I speak normal and I can function to a degree normal. What these people don't see, is the pain and anguish we are suffering inside, the down days when we can't get out of bed because of the pain, tiredness and exhaustion.
My Atos examiner said she understood Fibro but clearly she didn't.
Anyhow, I just wanted you to know you are not alone and we have to fight the powers that be alone because it seems no-one is batting our corner.
I wish you luck with your appeal and send soft hugs and we unite and fight the good fight.
Littlemo xxxxx :-)
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