Handy tip when going to Atos assessment

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Handy tip when going to Atos assessment

Postby MCT » Wed Jan 25, 2012 4:13 am

During one of my insomniac trawls through the world wide Web I came across this article:

"Handy tip when going to Atos assessment Show HCP this…

3.1.2 Reading the Documents

In preparation for the interview, you should read carefully the documents in the file /on MSRS. All the medical evidence should be considered, including any medical certification, Factual Reports, previous papers and other documents, including Tribunal documents. Particular attention must be paid to the current claimant questionnaire [ESA 5O] and all areas where the claimant indicates that there may be a problem must be fully explored. At times the claimant may also bring additional evidence to the assessment.

Any evidence bought by the claimant must be read and the report should make reference to the evidence that has been considered and justification provided if there is a conflict between the opinion of the HCP and the other medical evidence. Any evidence brought by the claimant, should be copied for the Decision Maker (see section 4.2.5 for further guidance).

Revised WCA Handbook 2 Final MED-ESAHM~001 Page 37

I looked up the WCA Handbook and found this:

4.2.5 Information brought by the claimant to the assessment

At times the claimant may bring additional evidence with them to the assessment. The HCP must read this evidence. You should ask the claimant whether they wish to have the letter included in their file in support of their claim. If so, it should be photocopied, a note made in the file of the source and date of receipt of the document, and the original returned to the claimant. If no copying facilities are available, offer to have the copying done at the Medical Services Centre and to have the original returned by post. If this is unacceptable to the claimant, you should explain that it cannot be used in support of the claim as it will not be seen and considered by the Decision Maker.

Revised WCA Handbook 2 Final MED-ESAHM~001 Page 130

It may even be worthwhile taking your own spare copy of any supporting paperwork to save them the trouble of copying it.
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Re: Handy tip when going to Atos assessment

Postby crystalkaz » Wed Jan 25, 2012 7:35 am

:wave: Hi MCT thankyou for sharing information, will make sure I photocopy all new reports, as I would not trust any HCP at a one of their so called medicals...............Last time I attended mine, they did not even examine me just told me they would write a report on findings. Never ever heard from again, I thought they had placed me in Support group, as never even had to go to interviews.

Shock horror ........ just before X-mas dreaded brown envelope landed ....... So here I go again, no wonder Im sooooo, dizzzzzy all time on this never ending ride like all us Fibromites fighting against a terrible system.

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Re: Handy tip when going to Atos assessment

Postby war veteran » Wed Jan 25, 2012 9:15 am

my best advice when it comes to atos is dont go medical make them come to you as then it has to be a proffensional doctor and not an atos nurse
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Re: Handy tip when going to Atos assessment

Postby Ldyalb » Wed Jan 25, 2012 12:57 pm

I've got mine on Sat, I think I will print off some articles per medical condition and have them attached to the 'report' - I did send them with the ESA50 form but I don't fully trust them not to have been lost. My Mum and I are going to review the ESA50 again and bring a printed copy to the medical to make sure nothing is forgotten to be mentioned.
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