Anyone Doing Permitted work and claiming esa?

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Anyone Doing Permitted work and claiming esa?

Postby lara5559 » Thu Mar 15, 2012 8:54 pm


I am back doing 4 hours permitted work at my employment after having six months off for post viral fatigue and inflammatory bowel disese. My doc now thinks i also have Fibro. I am claiming esa and have my first medical on saturday! I wonder how many others are working and claiming esa/Dla. How did anyone get on at their medical who have gone back to work a little?

Lara x
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Re: Anyone Doing Permitted work and claiming esa?

Postby animalhouse » Thu Mar 15, 2012 9:26 pm

i imagine doing work will give the esa medical ammunitition to say you are fit for work - they don;t need much.

i cant imagine getting dla if working seen as mine dissallowed as didn't believe i was as bad as a said because i homeschooled my son and :yikes: went shopping.

it dog eat dog out there now or the luck of the draw i think.

the esa medical they will get you to do a series of test and watch you from the minute you walk through the door and don;t be taken in by polite small talk at teh beginning as they will be testing how you got there, got in teh buildeding walked to the interview room etc, etc, they will find anyway they can to catcyou you out so just be on your guard and think about what and how you answer any question so it cannot be misinterpreted.

take care and good luck :-) :-)
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Re: Anyone Doing Permitted work and claiming esa?

Postby Roseofsharon » Thu Mar 15, 2012 10:26 pm

Beware with the ESA permitted work, if you manage to do that for a year then you will be automatically classed as fit to work and chucked off ESA. :yikes: I found that out by the woman who phoned me after I won my appeal and who was telling my that I could do so many hours of 'permitted work' and earn so much from it, and she dropped in at the end of it all as almost a side note that if I held my job down for a year then I would be deemed fit to work. I took the hint and have steadily avoided doing any form of work as I don't want to inadvertantly drop myself in it. That is so easy to do with ESA. :yikes:

As for the ESA medical, best advice get a taxi, and make sure they drop you off right outside the medical office. Any other form of transport they will read into it, things such as you can walk X amount of metres, and it doesn't seem to matter to the ones doing the medical how slow you walk, the thing is you've walked from the car park, or you've walked from the bus stop. Included in that is that you've stood for Xmins waiting for the bus or getting in your car etc.

Try and do everything they ask you, but make sure they see how much in pain you are, and don't do more than you are comfortable with. I was accommodating as far as the stairs went, and almost crawled up them, but the fact that I got up them some how - they wrote down on their form that I could do stairs (which I couldn't I had pulpations halfway up the first flight and finished the flight with somehow and stopped with the palpitations - aside from the fact that I was almost pulling myself up with my hands). I refused when it came to the 'exercises' as I was in a lot of pain, and they put down that I had normal range of movements, which I don't, since I have Joint hypermobility and struggle to lift my legs above ten degrees. They will try to make you out to be a liar at every step despite their sugary sweet greeting. They will at every turn be trying to make you out to be a liar.

DLA: is not means tested, so there is no problem with you working and claiming DLA. I'm sorry I can't tell you about the medical for DLA as I was one of the few fortunate ones who got their DLA without having a medical. I think that is because my ESA appeal was upheld and all my paperwork was chrystal clear as to what I can and cannot do. My present doctor is brilliant and I think must have given me a good letter supporting my claim. The only advice I can give you on DLA is to gather every piece of paperwork you receive from your doctor, and your hospital speacialists and put that in with your DLA claim (I only sent it in as part of my request that they look again at my claim, but best if you send it in first time around).

Good luck, and :fingerscrossed: for you.
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Re: Anyone Doing Permitted work and claiming esa?

Postby Ldyalb » Thu Mar 15, 2012 10:43 pm

I have been put in the ESA WRAG and was told I could do up to 16 hours a week of permitted work. I can also earn up to £97 a week if paid work. They didn't mention a deadline by which I'd be deemed fit to work though. If you do decide to do some then it might be best to do something which is temporary so you can do it for a few months and then stop. That way your less likely to get caught out with them saying you've now worked long enough to be deemed fit.

I was very lucky that I had one of my worst ever Fibro days the day of my medical. I'm sure it was stress related. But it was easier for me to show how bad I am because I was at my worst almost. I only did the exercises as my body would allow. I'm also hypermobile but I was in too much pain that day to bend down, I could barely bend down to get my hands to my knees, let alone place my palms flat on the floor with my legs straight as normal. The centre was only a 10 min drive from my house luckily and my Mum drove me and we were able to park right near the door and only had to walk a few metres. The centre was a joke - it was ground floor which was good but had a wheelchair accessible toilet. But to get to it it was a very narrow space which wouldn't accomodate a wheelchair... :roll:

If you can get someone to go with you to the medical then I'd advise you to. It helped having my Mum there to prompt me and to say anything I forgot. But also for support. I was very surprised that I passed it though as so many don't.

Wrt DLA you can claim and work as it's not means tested. Obviously your work shouldn't contradict your form i.e. working as a chef when you can't cook etc. So DLA would allow someone who was born without legs for example to pay for their wheelchair, accessible car etc. It wouldn't preclude them from working as an Accountant for example. DLA is hard to get so it's best to get advice from the CAB or a similar organisation - they can help you fill in the forms which increases your chance of an award being made. They can also help you if you have to appeal a 'no' decision.
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Re: Anyone Doing Permitted work and claiming esa?

Postby bumblebee57 » Thu Mar 15, 2012 11:39 pm

Hi everyone.I have had FM for at least 20 years,though mildly compared to some of you. I am on ESA and work 5 hours a week as a lollipop lady near where I live.I call it "therepy" for my depression.It makes me get up in the morning and go out, speak to people and get some confidence and self esteem back.Otherwise I would just sit and vegatate at home because Id have no reason to get up or go out. I have contemplated suicide on more than one occassion.It also makes a little bit of extra money to keep my car on the road,which I need to go shopping and to Drs appointments etc. I was never told at my medical assessment, or since, that I could claim ESA for a limited time.By the DWP changing me from Income Support,as long term sick, to ESA,I lost £25 a week.I am waiting for my appeal to be heard.But Ive heard nothing since about November. Since the assessment, my Dr has told me I have arthritis in my hands and feet.I also suffer with fatigue,IBS, Asthma and the occasional recurrance of vertigo(which is quite frightening) As if we haven't got enough to cope with, theres the endless form filling and being treated like a useless sponger. I hurt somewhere every day.I cant live like a "normal" person. Im sure none of us asked to live this way. Good luck to everyone. Carol Bee
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