direct payments criteria

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direct payments criteria

Postby animalhouse » Fri Mar 16, 2012 9:10 pm

i contacted social services regarding claiming direct payments either for myself or my son. for myself i have been flatlly turned down as they only provide homehelp services for personal care now in our area due to limited budgets or to nip round and make a sandwich in the morning and perhaps prepare some food. :roll:

oru situation is that i have fibro obviously but am also suffering from ptsd so i am fearful of driving and lack the confidence to go out on my own to drs/tribunal appmts etc.

my son is homeschooled as he was taken out of school 2 years ago coincidentally after the car crash we suffered but also because he could not read and we suspected dyslexia or other special needs, he has since been diagnosed with aspergers - autistic spectrum disorder.
unfortunately this means as his carer i do not get a break from him except on teh 2 days my oh has off as he went down to 3 days from full time following the accident to help care for me and son.

t :roll: is means that oh is split between me needing alot of support going out to appmts and my son because of his aspergers not wanting to go out but unfortunately having to be tagged along. also my son has now 2/3 activiites a week swimming, climing/umbrella club on saturday so other half is running ragged after me and 3 kids bbecause i cant drive sometimes.

i tried social services to see if i could get direct payments to get a personal assistant to go to appmts with me but no, i am awaiting outcome of assessment for son to see if we can get some funding for him to have a 1:1 support who could perhaps take him to activiites
to take burden off me/oh. has anyone received direct payments please and what for. thanks. :-) :-) we feel we need help but don;t know how to get it.
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Re: direct payments criteria

Postby denys » Fri Mar 16, 2012 9:23 pm

I havent had experience of this but know that some members have been awarded direct payments so hopefully someone will be along shortly with some answers for you, :fingerscrossed: you manage to get some help for your son

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