just put into work esa through a phone call!!

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just put into work esa through a phone call!!

Postby pixiecat » Sat Mar 17, 2012 3:08 pm


Just has a phone call from jobcentre (sat afternoon!!) and was told ....quote

" you filled in a form a few months ago a pink form!" - I could of flown to the moon a few months ago as far as I can remember :lol:
"well we have looked at it and you dont need to fill another in for 2 years" - oh good then I said filled in form a month ago she looks
an said "yes well that one we have put you in the work related group so will hear from job centre soon"

So looks like I will be visiting my local welfare rights to get an appeal going, unless there is a job going for 15 mins a day :lol:


Re: just put into work esa through a phone call!!

Postby bumblebee57 » Sat Mar 17, 2012 3:47 pm

Hi, Im Carol from Plymouth. Well thats gotta be a first, the jobcentre phoning you on a SATURDAY !! But do ANY of them know what theyre doing? I dont think so. I work 5 hrs a wk as a lollipop lady and I find that a struggle.I do it to help with depression, to get me out of the house and to earn a bit of extra cash to keep my car on the road,which I need to help with shopping and drs appts etc. Ive got Fibro,diagnosed about 20 yrs ago but probably had it much longer.Im also asthmatic,have arthritis in my hands and feet,I suffer fatigue,and depression.Life is pretty miserable without the DWP to deal with. Im on your side.Good luck
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Re: just put into work esa through a phone call!!

Postby pixiecat » Sat Mar 17, 2012 5:05 pm

Thanks for that, I too have depression and have just been diagnosed with asthma, along with the fibro etc so I dont know how they expect me to work also I have not been abloe to work for a good while so my CV would be quite a short one so who would want to employ me I dont know as I have to stop every 10-15 mins to catch my breath an things
they are on a different planet :mrgreen:

Re: just put into work esa through a phone call!!

Postby crystalkaz » Sat Mar 17, 2012 6:34 pm

:wave: Hello Pixiecat and to Carol,

Your right saying that DWP,Atos do come from another planet. They are just trying to place as many into the WRAG group before
April 2012, when everything in the welfare system changes.
As anyone being placed in the WRAG group will only be entitled to one years money if it is not a income re-lated claim.

All those that are placed in the Support Group, will be able to stay on ESA, so if I was you I would get an appeal started soon as possible before the cut off date.

I have had to go for 3 medicals in two years, first one was a joke but everyone knows they speak in some kind of alien lingooooo!!!!
of their own........Scored a big fat 0 of course, went to tribunial in my favour gave me 27points straight away. A big sigh of relief,
thought that was the end of Atos....no such luck, called back again and again. Last time dr, never even examined me as I was in a state.

Dreaded brown letter just before x-mas, forms filled in with all up to date new symptoms, can't stand as I am soooo, dizzy all the time, loss of hearing tinitus, since then have lost my job with NHS, after 20 yrs. Atos already turned down pension.....
Just do not trust them, Please Appeal Now........Been waiting for a medical, as was ready to go to a tribunial to be in the Support Group..
They don't want to see me as oh phoned, lady just told him your wifes money will be stopped on 30 April like all others that are in the
WRAG group.......Never even realised they had put me in this group, as been left alone, no job inter views. So everyone be warned,
Oh yeah! before I for get day before telephone call, I got an up to date letter of informing money going up, no mention about changes, its all a bad joke!!!

Sorry for long post as just needed to explain New Rules, Head all over the place at the moment as trying to absorb information myself!!
Take care everyone :grouphug: Hope this helps one of you on the forum as its tooo late for me......
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Re: just put into work esa through a phone call!!

Postby pixiecat » Sat Mar 17, 2012 7:02 pm

Thanks for your reply I got a letter too about 3 weeks ago telling me how my money was changing as of april - the usual big rise of about 50p so I suppose I will get another now detailing the esa part of it.
My OH and me had got ourselves all ready to have to go for a medical knowing how they work so was surprised about that but will
defo be putting in an appeal about this one

Re: just put into work esa through a phone call!!

Postby pixiecat » Wed Mar 21, 2012 3:44 pm

Just got my report from my esa50 form
firstly it was looked at by a registered nurse and then it says that my claimed level of disability is consistent with the evidence and they advise a return to work is unlikely for at least 2 years !!!! but I am in the work group :crazy:
it says no improvement since last assesment which was 3-4 yrs ago

but the rest of the form says I can do all the things like walk 50+ metres with no probs, pick up .5 ltr milk, can cope with changes in day to day functions. all of which I cannot and where why I receive ib and dla
and repeats that I am unlikely to return to work in the longer term

I am so frustrated with it, I am now waiting for welfare rights to help with sorting it out :fingerscrossed:
Also got a statement of how my pay will change and in theory it will go down £14.50 but they are topping it up so there is no change
but each April I wont get a rise until my money is same as everyone elses :nono: :crazy:

will keep you posted as how I get on


Re: just put into work esa through a phone call!!

Postby pixiecat » Wed Apr 04, 2012 2:42 pm

just been looking at how my payments are to change with the april rise

mine is a MINUS £2.90 so I will be worse off by this amount and if it had stayed on income support I would of had an increase of
£6.45 but I wont get this either
they hae put me over just before the april increase but after it is adjusted for the rise in carers befor the rise in income support -
confusing I know but its like this I think

1st week in april carers rises NOT income support so that goes down so I dont get too much !!!
2nd week in april it all goes up

thats how it usually goes up but because I am changing to ESA on the 1st week when it goes down I stay down untill the money I am getting now today matches the rise we all get each april then it will go up so god kknows when that will be

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