work choice scheme

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work choice scheme

Postby chrisgoneferal » Wed Mar 28, 2012 9:34 pm

This is a six month scheme run by a social enterprise called PLUSS paid to help people with health conditions find paid work.

I started this 3 weeks ago if you don't find work withn 6 months it can affect your benefit entitlement.

At start of third week I had still not met my 'job coach' who incidentally had not read my file or my C.V.

Having obtained a voluntary placement for a placement in my on line of work, thereby doing a big part of her work for her..she then rang that placement and spoke about me as if I were a total novice...even told them to send me the forms which I had already completed and sent in. In fact I had been interviewed for volunteer post and accepted....I have 40 years experience and qualifications and as this charity had no other volunteers offering their time they were pleased to have me.

When I complained that I had already sorted things out myself I was told that there were 'concerns about my attitude' and removed from the scheme.

Confidentiality and sensitivity were non existent ....I attended the first aid course an despite my pain and lack of mobility was made to get on to the floor repeatedly for role play..including the kiss of life technique...I asked if I could use a mannequin on a table and they said no it must be done on the floor. I have previously been allowed to use a table to assist me on other courses. I have also been told that ' I declined help offered to me to get up' how many people with pain want to be dragged to their feet by a couple of blokes who have no idea what fibro or other pain feels like ? I can't bear being touched when I am in pain. Having vertigo didn't help much either but this course was all they had to offer me at the time. Surely an agency that boasts it is the top one in the country at helping people with health conditions find work ought to be able to do better than this?? I felt so ill when I came home.

Now they say that they have concerns about my 'negativity' well that is what depression and long term pain does for a person especially when you want to treat them like a piece of meat...insult their intelligence and make them feel inferior.

I put extracts from their shocking e mails to me on their web site but they removed if you opt for work choice be very careful because people pai to help you may not have any idea exactly what fibro is like..or care very much either.
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Re: work choice scheme

Postby denys » Thu Mar 29, 2012 8:15 pm

Sounds absolutely disgraceful, disgusting behaviour by those who are supposed to know better :( :( :( :( :( :( :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

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Re: work choice scheme

Postby *Lisa* » Thu Mar 29, 2012 9:17 pm

Absolutly digusting!!

What a nightmare! Can you not seek advice from one of the disability organisations to see about a complaint?

I can see more of this to come in the future :(
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Re: work choice scheme

Postby Ldyalb » Thu Mar 29, 2012 9:21 pm

That is shocking, poor you - what absolute :swear1:

Thanks for posting about it though, I'm in the WRAG myself. I'll watch out for their name when it comes to mentioning work choice schemes. I know the lady I saw at the Lincs Job Centre said they use someone I can't remember and A4E. But that was before the whole A4E thing blew up in the press, maybe it's different now lol. But she's referred me to a nearer JC in a different county and couldn't tell me which agencies the other JC use. So they could potentially use this PLUSS (looks like Puss spelt wrong :lol: )

I note how they're avoiding agencies like Remploy and The Shaw Trust which already have a good track record of helping disabled people back to work. Which suggests it's all rather more to do with creating an environment which is unsuitable for people on them, in order that they can easily remove their benefits for 'attitude problem' or 'refusal to participate'.

As an aside negativity is a common one levied at people who are sick or disabled. When I first became ill with Fibro I worked for a nightmare employer. When I came back to work part time after a month of sick I'd frequently not mention Fibro at all for days at a time. Then when taking my meds at lunch a colleague would say 'are you in pain today Ldyalb?'. I'd say 'yes' and then get a mouthful about how I needed to stop talking about it all the time. When that was the first time it had been mentioned all week (was a Friday) and THEY had brought the subject up! They also said I had a negative attitude and didn't have as much energy as before - well, duh. That's why I'm ill :roll: chronic fatigue is a major part of Fibro. And try having energy on top of that AND pain and being under the threat of losing your job for it. I'd like to see how positive any of them would be in my shoes then. I bet they wouldn't cope as well as I did. And these being people a good 9-12 years older than me and supposedly 'more mature due to age' (one of their excuses for leaving me out of stuff, or denying me information I needed to do my job). Codswallop. Plus, if you want an experienced adult for a job - don't hire a 21 year old fresh out of uni. Hire some middle aged person instead. Oh wait - they're expensive. Honestly some of the most mind bogglingly unintelligent people I've ever met. I had to explain what an Arboretum is to two of them. One was 33 at the time, the other had to be at least 30 :shock:

Rant over lol.
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