emp repsonse to decision maker

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emp repsonse to decision maker

Postby animalhouse » Sat Apr 07, 2012 10:07 am

have just received copeis of my papers from dwp for my "change of circumstance" refusal from end of last year it says.

decision maker

this lady has ptsd, depression, anxiety, fibro and complains of widespread pain particularly in her back, hips, ankles, wrist. can we ask for emp please? i have not asked for gp as lady says she has not visited much since changing in past year due to scared of change and have not heard from physio.

no mark medical person

this lady states she has fibro/hms and has letters from consultant in pain managemnet june 2011 and consultant rheum wo confirm this....

she is on mild to mod pain relief codein, gabapentin adn anit inflam and although complains of lower body no upper body..... she also has no evidence of depression and is not under any specialists for any of these i would not expect here to be in severe disability as stated :.............................

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

i happened to ask as i had questioned wrongly a repsone from my gp when infact he had wrote to them again as asked iin january when they finally asked for papers he wrote a short but concise letter saying "following my report in novembe the patient had snet in a copy of a report on how her condition affects here, i have read this and it seems an accuarate account of how this condition affects her and makes her feel.

i am also under hydro, physio, rheumy so where am i not under a specialist adn finally referred to cbt after waiting over a year. they do not taek into account how slow nhs is. it is a battle to trip these guys up isn;t it or they look for any little scrap they think they can use againust us. what an ass of a dr on massive :evil:
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Re: emp repsonse to decision maker

Postby fliss » Sat Apr 07, 2012 11:13 am

hi,i had a medical done by atos docs and he basically wrote wat uv said for the report i was gobsmacked that he had wrote that i cud walk 120metres and he saw me do this wen actually he had seen me stumble and shuffle from one end of my settee to the other were i was exhausted,he also stated that my joints wer fine and if i came off all the meds i wud be fine haha yeah right so ur right everyones out there to turn things against us but we all need to keep fightin im now going for tribunal with all my evidence.includin a full letter from my gp who has stated that i need to keep fightin them as i am disabled by my conditions.also iv been placed in the support group of esa and that the lady who did that medical wrote a lovely report statin she wud in her own eyes never expect me to return to work as my disabilities wud not allow me nor wud they improve over time.xxxxso please keep fightin them sendin gentle hugs xxxx
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