Denied both ESA & DLA....

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Re: Denied both ESA & DLA....

Postby darkcyde » Tue May 08, 2012 1:59 pm

Hi everyone and thanks for your replies!

We went down to the JobCentre to enquire about my ESA application and barely made it through the front door. The horrible woman on the Welcome Desk chose to discuss our case in public in front of everyone in the queue behind me. She basically said its correct (without checking on the computer) and that's what we are expected to live on. She made it clear (with the two bouncers behind her) that that was all she was going to do.

However, a nice lady in queue stopped us on our way out and said if we go down to the HMRC offices they will give us some emergency money given the situation. They are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays - can I get a job there please?

So, we went to the One Stop Shop - we have applied for discretionary payments in regard to our housing benefit (we receive £507 a month towards our £775 rent as we have a 3 bedroom house but only 4 members of the family - two 6 month old boys who we are told can share, even into teens - only need separate bedrooms if different gender after 10 years old) - they have not yet processed the application into their system, and they couldn't say how long it would take to process. I asked about Food Vouchers - they don't supply them, but a place in Wadebridge does (45 minutes drive - 1.5 hour round trip) but they would probably only give to people in immediate area (same council tho).

They suggested going to the POLICE!!!! She said explain to them your desperate situation and see what they can do! I couldn't believe my ears!!

Citizens Advice is only open on Wednesdays for drop-ins, and then it would only be an introductory apppointment to see how best deal with the case, and then 4 to 6 weeks for an actual appointment to discuss in detail.

So, for dinner tonight we have a fish sauce I found in the cupboard with rice as we've just spent our last £8.50 on nappies, and the boys have food I have cooked for them in advance but no formula....even food vouchers won't cover nappies or formula apparently.

I'm sitting here typing this laughing.....not sure why.....I think I have lost it completely!

Tried getting hold of my Counseller for an emergency appointment, but she's on leave until a week wednesday.

We should get improved Child Tax Credits over the paltry £11.40 a week we get at the moment, but we have to wait for our re-application pack or whatever it is which will be sent to us sometime in the next quarter!

????????????????????????? ????????????????????
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Re: Denied both ESA & DLA....

Postby Melbi_UK » Tue May 08, 2012 3:13 pm

Oh my gawd, it is ridiculous, inhumane and totally unacceptable.

Do you not have any family or friends that could help you out? I swear this country is going to the dogs.

If I were you I'd be writing to all the newspapers about this, radio stations.

It really does make sick to the stomach, the guys in gov get ridiculous amounts of wages, then steal on top of that and they say you only need pittance to live on each week.

What do people in this country have to do to survive these days? No bloomin' wonder crime is up!

I wish I had a magic wand I could wave for you :(

Have you tried the low payment scheme for gas and electricty for peole claiming benefits? Most suppliers offer it. I know it isn't perfect but could put a few more pence in your budget xx
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Re: Denied both ESA & DLA....

Postby Melbi_UK » Tue May 08, 2012 3:16 pm

Does this link offer you any further information/help? ... -on-other/
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Re: Denied both ESA & DLA....

Postby darkcyde » Tue May 08, 2012 6:14 pm

Hey everyone - thanks for the replies and messages of support - I will reply tomorrow as I'm completely exhausted mentally and physically right now, but really, thank you all! It's a great help knowing you're all here supporting me.

I have spoken to my Counselling service and my assigned therapist is going to call me tomorrow - I assured them i'm not at risk right now, besides my wife used to work for the mental health service so knows the signs to look for.....she has put me on watch in the past. I'm probably going to be even more exhausted tomorrow as I've not been sleeping for the past for weeks - was playing Draw Something until about 2am this morning with a friend on the other side of the country.....weird!!

We're pinning our hopes on revised Child Tax Credits and Discretionary Housing Payments from the council to bridge our massive finance gap.....going to HMRC office tomorrow with our P60s and everything in hand so we can hopefully sort it out immediately.

I will report back tomorrow. And yes your right, it's shameful, especially when non-UKs come over here cap in hand and get everything they here tho....have a right to it.....forget it!
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Re: Denied both ESA & DLA....

Postby darkcyde » Wed May 09, 2012 2:19 pm

Hi all - again, thank you all so much for all your comments

Ok, I'm starting to understand all this now....we have just got back from HMRC regarding Child Tax Credits and Working Tax Credits....they couldn't help us face to face but they had priority lines to the call centre. My wife called from there as she is the nominated receiver of the credits. Basically, long story short, due to our current situation we should be in receipt of more CTC and WTC.

For those who are in a similar situation or just browsing...

I have been off work sick since Oct 2011 and in receipt of SSP until march 2012 when I was made redundant. Denied ESA (both contribution due to lack of them, and income as we earn too much) and DLA which is pending appeal. I was earning about £28k up until Oct 2011 working 40 hours a week.

My wife is on Statuory Maternity Pay only after giving birth to twins on 11/11/11, but worked 40 hours a week up to this point earning about £16.5k.

I've done a summary like this so people who are desperately looking for answers can get a recap and understand what's happening.

Apparently, we should have informed them in Oct 2011 that our situation had drastically changed, and this would have triggered larger CTC and WTC payments to us back then. However, given that I was ill, my boys had been born but were in intensive care, etc, etc anything remotely like this was the last thing on our mind.....when you spend 20 hours a day staring into a incubator you have to be reminded to even eat!

The very helpful lady my wife spoke to took some figures from our P60s and gave us some rough figures in return....given the current situation we should be getting about £115 a week CTC, and about £55 WTC, AND we were probably not paid enough for last year too because we didn't inform them that our situation had changed so we will be getting a rebate for that too. On rough calculations we should be getting a few thousand in lump, plus this years back dated too to beginning of April as we've only been receiving £11.45 in CTC a week.

The lesson learned here is as soon as your circumstances change, tell them, even if you think you'll be fine, tell them! We had thousands in savings which gave us a very false sense of security - it doesn't take long before you notice its gone like us.

Whilst my wife was on the phone I wasn't breathing....I was reading what she was scribbling down, but obviously only getting half the conversation it made no sense to me at all. When she put down the phone and told me what was said it took every scrap of will power I had left to not break down in tears in the middle of the enquiry office....I had to get out of there pretty quickly!

So as it stands, these payments will begin immediately (in the next week, two at most) and the backdate will be calculated once my wife receives and returns the official claim pack that we should receive in the next few weeks. With this, and my wifes SMP and the HB and CTB, we now break even.

I now understand that ESA couldn't pay me anymore because that is all they were responsible for.....they were assuming other departments like Tax Credits were paying out too.....and this is where the system falls down. What they need is one department which handles payments, like a funnel, then they can check what is coming down the line to the familys and that will trigger alerts to say that people should be getting x, y and z.

BUT that is exactly what they don't want, isn't it. They want benefits and credits to go unclaimed, so there is more surplus left over at the end to deal with the national debt. I understand that, but what they don't realise is how ill this can make people.

Since Saturday I have been a complete wreck since I received the ESA letter....weeks and weeks of hope destroyed via A4. This needs to many people have been pushed over the edge in these situations. How many situations that we read about (particularly in America) about gunmen in clock towers - people get pushed too far. I'm not saying that they should be exhonerated, but you get my point.

How many people who commit benefit fraud were pushed into it because they had no other choice. How many turn to crime because they had no other choice. Whilst sitting in the One Stop Shop waiting to speak to someone, my wife and I went through that phase where you laugh at the problem, even though it was dire. She joked that if I went to prison, she'd be a single mum and would get al lthe help she needed, I'd get Sky TV and a PS3, and a mobile phone, and a warm bed and 3 meals a day....I said, can I go and knock on the prison door and ask to be let in?

Joking aside, I know it's not all that sweet inside, but still you get the point I'm trying to make here. People are struggling right now, and not enough is being done to educate as to how you can get what you are entitled to.

As someone said earlier, the Fat Cat Politians get a nice salary, and then they steal from us too on top of that.....they need to be made to live for a month or two like the common man, just trying to make ends meet, trying to keep food on the table, and trying to keep the house a livable temperature without stealing from another pot of money that's meant to pay to keep the lights on.

I think I should go into politics!!

Anyway, that's my 10 pence looks like we are going to be ok, but I will hold my breath until the payments actually come through.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone for your kind words, advice and support!! You are all too kind for words!

I will come back with an update once the payments have started - to anyone in my boat, keep pushing for what you are owed!

Quick question for anyone in the know - I've applied for both ESA types, and been denied payments from both, but are they paying my contributions in the meantime, and am I entitled to free prescriptions, dental, etc, etc?
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Re: Denied both ESA & DLA....

Postby *Lisa* » Wed May 09, 2012 4:58 pm

:woot: Thats fantastic news :welldone:

Wow the amount of stress you have just been thro is just so intense. I am so happy that you have finally got it all sorted out and glad its all going to be back paid! :-D

I agree with everything you say.... there all quick to say about the fraudsters yet so many people are going without benefits because there is no system that tells you exactly what your entitled to as you have to seek this all yourself especially in your valnrable situation that you was in at the time.

What if a family in your situation didnt seek advice? how many are going without moneys there entitled to and are strugglin and living on bread and water :dunno: apparently this new *universal credit* will be implimented just for that reason as well as it combines all benefits into one so no one will miss out on what they need.

We shall see a! :roll:
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Re: Denied both ESA & DLA....

Postby izopal » Mon May 21, 2012 8:06 pm

My advice for you is go to the nearest advice house and ask them for help. Then you can make appeal to the tribunal and also there they will help you. I was in very similar situation, Twice made appeal to the DLA and at last I went to the Advive House and they really helped me.
Good luck and take care :-D
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