Atos & DWP Disability Euthanasia Assistance Scheme Protest.

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Atos & DWP Disability Euthanasia Assistance Scheme Protest.

Postby Atom » Sat Apr 14, 2012 6:33 pm

Have a look at this: ... e-protest/

I thought that the form and conversation with ATOS were very good. Especially where ATOS seem to suggest that an actual department to which said communication can be sent actually exists.
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Re: Atos & DWP Disability Euthanasia Assistance Scheme Protest.

Postby *Lisa* » Sat Apr 14, 2012 7:50 pm

I have been browsing a forum for people who share horror stroies or need help and advice for medicals re ATOS

They also had this on there and i listened and saw the forms.

Its sad but true cause eventually so many people will have there benefits stopped or cut back leading to poverty and depression.

I spoke with the mental health team the other week and explained about my financial situation and how my anxiety and depression are heightened by the stress of being on benefits and the possible extreme proverty for the future and they already know and are prepared for many more people to go through to them.

The other week i saw a programme on homelessness and at the end of the programme they heighlighted the fact that all the organisations are gettin ready for the huge anount of people who will become homeless or struggle to keep there homes YET our fab mr cameron still insists the new changes are to benefit us YET why are all these places already gettin prepared????

Next year all the hosuing benefit yet again changes so people with extra rooms will now have to pay for each room. Iv seen that they will have to pay 10 or 15% for one room and 25% for 2 or more... Now lets say for example mrs A has been living in a 3bed for 40yrs and there children have left and have families of there own. She has 2 options. To pay 25% from her benefits to keep her home of 40yrs or move!! 25% of a 3bed house must be a huge amount of money and with benefits changin i can imagine will be impossible. Moving from her much loved house of 40yrs full of memories to a 1bed will most possbile cause alot of upset even depression. This will be the case for many thousands.

sorry wafflin now but im researching so much that i can forsee so much distress amoungst people who have no choice but to rely on benefits.
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