Bedridden and found fit for work!!

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Bedridden and found fit for work!!

Postby poppysmith » Sat May 19, 2012 11:16 am

I read the 'dreaded brown envelope' article in the magazine, i can only face opening my post when i have someone with me.

i have numerous serious incurable medical conditions fibromyalgia being one of them. My condition has deteriorated rapidly over the last year i have pituitary failure requiring lifelong steroid treatment and replacement of hormones my body no longer makes,hashimotos thyroiditis, sudden onset asthma requiring intensive care twice in last 3 months, human growth hormone deficiency for which i have to inject myself daily, severe depression and anxiety needing 3 hospital admissions in last 2 years, compromised immune system.

I have just come out of hospital and had the letter waiting for me saying that my move from income support to ESA is complete and i have been found fit for work. not even invited for a medical. the disability association lady that helped me fill out my forrm cannot believe the decision, she recently helped me with a DLA claim that was successful. She is appealing on my behalf about the ESA

since then i have had 2 letters and a phone call from the local job centre plus pressurising me to attend an interview, my social worker said i should just say i am bedridden and dependent on carers visits 3 times a day and if i have to have an interview they will have to come here, i did this and got a very stroppy response.

Luckily my helpful lady has taken it over from me and has told them not to contact me in a month to see if i am better because i am not going to be, so i hope the letters and phone calls stop

I have enough to contend with without this added stress.

I am sure i cannot be alone in this

thanks poppy
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Re: Bedridden and found fit for work!!

Postby TeeferTiger » Sat May 19, 2012 11:26 am

No, you're not! The DWP are very naughty and basically try it on to get you to drop you claim etc. Just let the lovely lady handle it for you and don't worry about it (I know it's easier said than done).
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Re: Bedridden and found fit for work!!

Postby Treece » Sat May 19, 2012 11:52 am

Oh Poppy I do feel for you and sadly, no you are not alone. I believe that most people that are on benefits are found fit to work on ESA medical assessments. The criteria for this benefits makes it almost impossible to be found unfit for work.

I am not completely bedridden but for large chunks of my life I am. I have fibromyaglia, osteoporosis, celulitus (reaccuring), diabetes (type 2) which is not yet under control, Urticarius vasculitus and the associated facial disorder (my eyelids, lips and cheeks swell up to the point I can not see or speak), I am incontinent (bladder) and I have water retention (my legs and feet swell up so badly that I had a pair of sandals made for me apart from that I can not buy foot wear that fits). Finally I have a minimum of one nose bleed per day, have high blood pressure and regardless of painkillers have a pressure headache almost all the time.

I still failed the ESA medical and the DLA decision was made on the ESA medical so I was turned down for both. I am currently on appeal for both, however under the new laws that came out on 1st May my ESA because I have not been put into the support group has been cut to just under £40 per week. When I said this does not even cover my bills I was told I always have the option of claiming JSA and drop my appeals.

I have been to my local law centre and have been given legal aid however they are so swamped by benefit appeals that 3 months on they have yet to action my case.

When I hear and see all the posts regarding ESA and DLA I feel this overwhelming despair at this Government and our how our Country is treating the most vulnerable, the sick.

Sometimes I wish I could cry but my tears burn my skin

I wish you lucky and hopefully you will get an outcome you deserve, gentle hugs xxx Treece
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Re: Bedridden and found fit for work!!

Postby *Lisa* » Sat May 19, 2012 1:12 pm

:grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:

I have been reading up on a forum purely for ATOS and of course it gets ver busy with lots of people in distress with ESA outcomes etc...

I read from one member that he also was deemed fit for work and harrassed in fact he said whilst his GP was there waiting for an ambulance for him the jobcentre called asking to speak to him (had called numerous times) his wife said NO hes waiting for an ambulance and they said *oh but it will only take a minute!!* :yikes: makes me sick!!..

You must appeal stating you never had chance to under go a medical and that you need one to show there you are not fit for work.

Im suprised like you all that what i have read has happened! its getting worse and worse! its great to hear you have someone helping you and i do hope the JC leave you be!

I hope they can overturn there decision & :goodluck1:
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