reasonal adjustments for the recruitment process

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reasonal adjustments for the recruitment process

Postby diamondintherough » Sat Jun 02, 2012 7:52 pm


I am applying for a job as a nutritional assistant. I have a back ground in care work but I am looking for a less physically role such as this.
Basically in the job application it asks whether i require 'any reasonal adjustments to made for the recruitment process, including interview'. I cannot think of anything off of the top of my head, but does anyone have any idea of things which may help me? I do not want to say no and then for it to get to interview and I missed something.
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Re: reasonal adjustments for the recruitment process

Postby FluppyPuffy » Sat Jun 02, 2012 8:28 pm

If there is any desk~based work involved then a chair that you can sit in as comfortably as possible might help, as well as ergonomic mouse, keyboard, mouse mat to make using the computer a little easier. The facility to be able to make and keep notes relating to processes and info you need to know so you can refer to it easily when the fog comes in.
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Re: reasonal adjustments for the recruitment process

Postby Ldyalb » Sat Jun 02, 2012 10:16 pm

From my experiences of dealing with Remploy with job applications reasonable adjustments specifically for the recruitment process can vary a lot, just like reasonable adjustments once there.

For example you could have a reasonable adjustment made of extra time to do any pre employment tests due to Fibro Fog, a learning difficulty, or difficulty writing quickly enough. You could request that you be allowed to take notes to prompt your memory. Other examples could include having the interview somewhere with wheelchair access, having someone with you at the interview if you had something like Autism, or you were deaf and needed a BSL interpreter.

Unless you really think you need something at the assessment stage then I wouldn't request anything yet. I would disclose to them beforehand (as that gives you protection under the Equality Act 2010. Most employers will give reasonable adjustments to those who disclose after the job offer, however, they are under no legal obligation to do so unless a) the person becomes disabled during their employ or b) the person discloses before their job offer is made). If you want to disclose it may be best to do so in person so you can highlight the positives of having Fibro (like 'because of Fibro fog I've learned how to become really well organised' for example) and present it in a positive way. Rather than them thinking 'what's that?'

I've had two experiences with asking for reasonable adjustments at the recruitment phase.

a) The first was via Remploy. I applied to a large retailer for a placement on their 2 month summer internship in HR. Those candidates who impressed them would be offered a 2 year placement on £25k. They specifically requested that Remploy field them disabled graduates, or disabled undergraduates. Of all the people Remploy submitted I was the only one invited to do the online tests. We requested that I be given extra time, or a lower pass score for the Maths test, due to my Dyspraxia and it's associated learning difficulty, Dyscalculia, which affects maths skills. It's similar to Dyslexia, but with numbers. They explained that I would do the English Test quickly to compensate as I'm a fast reader (750 words per minute). This was refused. In the end my boyfriend, who is an Economist, sat the test for me.

So I passed both tests thanks to my lovely boyfriend doing the maths one for me. I was invited to interview and told I would need to prepare a small presentation. They told me I would be told what the topic was 2 weeks in advance. When it came to it I had to prepare a complicated presentation and present it on power point. But the cincher was that they wouldn't provide any equipment for it, I would have to bring my own laptop and set it up to their projector. Now, with having Fibro, HMS and Dyspraxia, I'm not so good with carrying stuff. I'm currently drinking a cup of tea out of a ceramic mug in the style of a disposable paper cup. My parents re-carpeted and I'm banned from bringing non lidded drinks upstairs as I spill everything on the stairs. So we requested a reasonable adjustment that I would be allowed to use a company laptop as bringing my own on a 40 min tube journey, including changes, would put me at a disadvantage as a) I'd struggle to get there and b) it would shatter me and mean I wasn't at my best. Again, this was denied. By this point Remploy were fuming. I withdrew my application. Fortunately by then I had secured a 3 month temp job in HR on £5 more pro rata.

b) The second experience was with the temp job I mentioned above. I applied through an agency and they organised for me to do some online tests. I asked the woman who sent me to the job if I could have extra time for any maths tests due to the Dyspraxia, but that the logic tests etc wouldn't be an issue. Luckily there was no maths test involved, but they said they would have been fine to let me pass the maths test on a lower score if there had been one.

So basically, it does vary with the companies involved. Ironically the first company is a massive, massive company (one of the Big 4 supermarkets) and the second was a small firm of 300 people across 10 international offices.

If you do think you will need a reasonable adjustment for the interview I'd speak to a DEA at the Job Centre and ask for advice on what to put, and how to approach it. If not then my advice would be to dislose during the interview so you can control what they know about it, rather than them just googling it and making assumptions.
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