DLA Refused - what a shock... not.

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DLA Refused - what a shock... not.

Postby bricheno » Sat Jun 09, 2012 7:40 pm

Hi All

Well, following my medical I have now received my first refusal letter - as I expected after reading everyone elses experiences on here!

Do they even read the application form? They have totally contradicted everything I've said I need help with.

They have based their decision on the usual GP reports, info given, medical etc but what I was shocked to see was 'information gathered by the Fraud Investigation Service' !! Have I been watched??! If so they would only have seen me out with my hubbie, walking with my stick, extremely slowly... and that would only be for the mobility part, they have taken none of the care issues into account that I need help with around the home. They have even said I'm not at risk of falling (although I have, numerous times) and I'm not at risk from dizzy spells (I have pots syndrome which causes dizziness due to heart rate increases on rising!)

They literally have contradicted everything on my form and what was discussed with the Medical GP - from using a cooker to help sleeping comfortably. Ha! tell that to my hubbie who is often rubbing my legs at 3am!

I fully expected this result after reading everyone elses posts but it's so annoying isn't it. Hey ho, guess it's on to the next stage :-)

Keep smiling ! :-)
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Re: DLA Refused - what a shock... not.

Postby Graciebaby » Sun Jun 10, 2012 2:09 am

OMG - I would immediately ask for a copy of the info gathered by the fraud investigation service! What on earth is that about??
Don't ring them about it, put your request in writing........put everything in writing and keep copies of every bit of correspondence between you (you never know if you you may need these copies in the future)
Appeal their decision. You are obviously aware that virtually everybody gets refused initially. This happened to me, I appealed enclosing bits of further info, such as copies of future appointment letters, photocopies of prescriptions (I had been prescribed additional meds since my application) in fact, anything that adds weight to your claim.
I was stunned to receive a letter informing me that I had been awarded higher rate mobility and middle rate care!
I honestly don't think they read initial applications at all and this clearly seems to have been the case when one considers the massive about turn they made with my claim.
Sadly, I'm not having as much luck with ESA, as I'm appealing their WRAG decision and it looks as if I shall have to go all the way to tribunal with that one.......but that a whole other story.

I would be very interested to hear how things work out for you and I would be very interested indeed to hear more about this fraud investigation thing, it's absolutely outrageous!!

Very best of luck,

G. :-)
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Re: DLA Refused - what a shock... not.

Postby sjc » Sun Jun 10, 2012 8:48 am

Hi. Definately appeal and visit or ring your local citizen's advice bureau. Enquire about that fraud investigation thing further - it's a strange thing to do when just putting in a claim. Take care.
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Re: DLA Refused - what a shock... not.

Postby shazq » Sun Jun 10, 2012 3:44 pm

Agree, put it in writing and ask for a copy of the report. Let them know you will be appealing it. :goodluck1:
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Re: DLA Refused - what a shock... not.

Postby bricheno » Sun Jun 10, 2012 4:24 pm

I thought it was strange - did a search on the forums and no one else seems to have had this happen ?

The thing is I've already informed them on my application form that this condition fluctuates so if they have been watching me maybe they got me on a better day or something - would be just my luck !! Even then though I would still not have been alone, I'm always with my hubbie or daughter and always with my trusty walking stick.

Makes me feel a fraud, that I'm doing something wrong but what do they want from us? To be totally housebound and have no normality in life? You all know how it feels to have a good day as I'm sure, like me, you all overdo it slightly as it's nice to feel a bit more like yourself !! Shame they couldn't see me in bed the past few days in tears as my legs were so bad I could hardly stand.... typical timing. :(

That is IF they've been watching and not just put it on the form as a deterrent to us then appealing things.... or, like my husband said, it could have just been a paper exercise in double checking certain points etc. It's making me paranoid! And to be honest I feel a little embarassed by it all :oops:

Gonna get to the benefits advice welfare officer this week and see what he thinks and where I go from here. I'm definitely not giving up though as I've done nothing dishonest and my condition is exactly as I've put in my forms.

FM fighters unite !! :-x
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