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Access to Work

Postby Em c » Mon Jul 02, 2012 5:09 pm

A little moan...

They don't make anything easy for us do they! I tried my local job centre to find someone to assess my workplace and advise on adaptations but had to go through a premium rate national number to get through to them, they weren't sure who I needed so they took my details to get someone to ring me back, the man rung me back but they don't do it locally, I have to go through London...

So he gave me a phone number and e-mail address and suggested I e-mail so I could put all the details in. So I composed a comprehensive e-mail outlining doctors / specialist appointments, medications, dates of phased returns to work etc. Sent it off, got a reply, failure notice, I'd typed the address in wrong. Checked and tried again, got a reply they can't do anything via e-mail I need to ring a number, have a 15 minute assessment on the phone, they post it to me, I sign to confirm it and post it back... then...

if I'm lucky I may be chosen for a workplace assessment!

So I tried the number 3 x, each time it's been too busy and suggested I try again later but they're only open 9am until 5pm and I've got to go to work tomorrow and it's nearly 5pm now.

Is it my imagination or does everyone just hope we'll be in too much pain and have too much fatigue and be too busy trying to hang on to our income by the skin of our teeth to persevere with this relentless head banging? Is it just a huge conspiracy to deter us from being able to actually get any help and just go away and be quiet?

Sorry fibro seems to be making me a tad more cynical about life...

Em x x x
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