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Postby happychicken » Mon Aug 27, 2012 9:51 pm

Hi there and gentle hugs to all this eve :-D

been advised by DLA that having a atos appointment in next few weeks, so waiting for the brown enveloper this my first time.

so very worried as heard the docs can be arrogant or donyt write the truth, wondering what will happen what will be expected of me and what I will be asked.

My condition varies but certain pains are constant, will I be believed? I take Gabapentin 300mg x 3 times daily and suffer with IBS, so bad I though I had been poisoned on many occaisions, made worse by these and dizzy and drowsie, is this normal? I take paracetomal as well.

Cant take antidepressents prescribed as i suffer with panic attacks if i dont feel in control cant stand the feeling of being out of it or a zonbie, as adverse affects will this go against me? I am worried that I will have a panic attack at the appointment.

I am waitng for a OT appointment through social services, had them out already and have minor adaptations in house.

worried that cause i drive my kids to school and park as close as can be that beacause i can do this i wont get help. :yikes:

worried that they will think I am pretending as many dont understand fibro.

My GP just wrote a leter little too late saying mobility is imparred and confirming other problems I have.

your thoughts appreciated!

:-? :-? :-?
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Postby LauraInWonderland14 » Mon Aug 27, 2012 11:08 pm

I feel your pain, truly. Plus the panic I used to go thru was awful so I understand.truly.

As for ATOS- firstly go on channel 4's 4od website and watch there ATOS expose (dispatches) it is well worth watching and also goes through how ATOS award points and pretty much take everyone off benifits. So be prepared to appeal- its a sad but true fact I just want u to be prepared.x

At the appointment, take a list of all your meds & doses (Dr can print this out for you) also write down any questions for just in case you forget.

Be polite, but honest. My Gp told me to explain how I feel on my bad days, not to lie or embellish but just to answer as if I were in a bad day. (As some days I'm better but bad days I cannot use my hands or feet) That way ATOS will have a clear picture of your life.

Tell them at the beginning that you suffer panic attacks and if this happens you may need a while to calm down/drink water etc.

Halfway through, well basically they ask 1)What your condition is? 2)How that effects your daily life 3) what is your routine 4) Can u walk up to 100m without resting 5)do you have Concentration issues 6) manual dexterity 7) medication etc THEN they'll ask you to do a physical test: you have to step up onto a doctors exam table (this is to see if you can do stairs) Then sometimes you have to lie down, then you have to get off table & stand against a wall and touch your toes (this is to prove you have hand eye coordination) and stretch your arms over your head. PERSONALLY I tried but couldn't complete the physical test as I was in to much pain.

Then they'll ask if you have any questions, and then they'll let you leave. I think everyone I've spoken to gets denied after ATOS assessments (there just people trying to do the right thing but ATOS give them so much crap- just watch dispatches it'll explain everything)

Good luck, & if you need help appealing let me know having fought this system for 5 years I've Def picked up some helpful tips xxx
Be strong, much love xxxxx
Your fighting this horrible illness,this awful system.
You've helped me so much & we've never even met.
Thank you & Stay strong.

Laura x
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Postby wolfstar » Tue Aug 28, 2012 2:07 am

Also you can ask to have the "medical" recorded and you get a copy.You may be lucky and they do it.

Is fibromyalgia real :?:
YES, its painfully :scream-1: real :pull-hair:
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