failed by atos but still in support

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failed by atos but still in support

Postby bigt » Mon Sep 24, 2012 7:17 pm

hi all, i got a phone call today from dwp about my atos medical, they said i never scored enough with them coz i could do what they were asking :face-slap: so after a bit of discussion with her, saying i can do it a few times but after about 5 mins of using my hands they lock in a claw shape and get pains shooting up my arm, when i walk or stand for a bit i get burning pins and needles in my feet with pains shooting up my legs. exactly like i told the nurse from atos. so they have kept me in the support group for another 3 months to get assessed again. so today i feel so but that will wear off and il be back to pain and tired.
i just wanted to share it with you all
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Re: failed by atos but still in support

Postby tashnella » Mon Sep 24, 2012 7:35 pm

I have my atos medical on saturday, dreading it, same old rigmarole, absolutely nothing has changed since my last medical in fact my symptoms have got worse if anything. If they bothered to contact my gp they would find out nothing has changed and save me all the added stress.
Will let you all know what happens. watch this space.//////
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Re: failed by atos but still in support

Postby bumblebee57 » Mon Sep 24, 2012 9:27 pm

They just dont get it, do they? Fibromyalgia is INCURABLE. It will NEVER GO AWAY. We could have a few good days throughout the year, but most days are HELL. Unless someone comes up with a miracle cure, for which we would be eternally grateful, we're stuck with it. So what is the point keep wasting time and money (and lots of it) just for us to go in there and say "Nope, nothings changed, Ive still got an INCURABLE illness and I'll STILL have it in 3/6/12/34567 months time". What is the point??????
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